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GreatSchools: El Brown and family

"Great Schools was extremely helpful – it helps you narrow your search down to two or three schools – then you can choose the best of the three. When they have to move, a lot of military families lead with the school. Making the right school choice is really important to most military families. In our case, we found the school we wanted, and then looked for a house."

— El Brown, Military parent

Regina Williams and family

“GreatSchools is a one-stop shop packed with services parents can access for FREE and information all families need to know when selecting a new school. The best part is the staff are always available to help, just a click or a phone call away.”

— Regina Williams, Milwaukee parent

"I felt like there was meat to this program. It's a program that is offering parents skills to teach their kids. It has research behind the program and things that schoolteachers do use. This program teaches tried and trusted skill sets to parents."

— Teacher, Laurel Elementary School

Author Amanda Ripley

"I am a longtime reader and fan of GreatSchools, a rare voice of sanity in the cacophony of American education."

— Amanda Ripley, author of

The Smartest Kids in the World:

And How They Got That Way

Darrell Finch and Milwaukee students

"The School Chooser is an amazing tool for helping students and families succeed."

— Darrell Finch, The Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee

“After my mom gave me the article, ‘Why Are Boys Not Reading That Much?’ I learned that scientists, tech geeks, and engineers have to have a good reading foundation in order to perform their best. You can’t do well in math and science without having exceptional reading and writing skills. Overall, you have motivated me to read more, because I want to be an engineer. Thank you for writing this article.”

— Antony

“As my 5-year-old daughter begins to prepare for her 2nd year at Yu Ying, I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your GreatSchools parent coaching when we were trying to decide on schools. She is doing extremely well at Yu Ying and her Chinese is impressive even to native speakers. More importantly for us though, she is a caring sister, has a strong sense of community and loves to read. The school is a great fit for her personality and for her strong interest in other cultures and languages.”

— Mrs. Rollins, Washington, D.C. parent

“Thanks SO MUCH for all of the work you do to provide easily accessible feedback to residents about the districts they live in – it really helps the schools have to stay accountable to their local communities. And by doing so, you may have played a huge role in helping the kids in my neighborhood get an education at a school rated 9 instead of a school rated 1. You all should be proud of the service you provide!”

— Seattle area user