GreatSchools Fact Sheet

Millions of parents — and educators — use GreatSchools

GreatSchools had over 52 million unique visitors1 in 2013, up 19% from 2012.

GreatSchools gives parents a way to research and compare schools

GreatSchools has profiles of 200,000 preK-12 schools — public, public charter, and private.
GreatSchools Ratings give parents a simple way to compare how a school's students perform academically compared to other students in the state. In most states, the 1-10 rating is based on state standardized test scores, but we've added more information — including how much students' test scores grow year-to-year, and measures of college readiness — to the ratings in Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Massachusetts, Michigan, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C.

GreatSchools also has ratings for major cities and school districts. City and district ratings are calculated by taking the rating for each school in the community, weighting it by the number of students enrolled at the school, and then taking the average of the weighted ratings.

Reviews and ratings from parents, teachers and students add insights and context

GreatSchools has more than one million school reviews written by parents, teachers and students — people who know the school best — and we publish about 100,000 new reviews per year.

Official school profiles gather information from school leaders

Principals, school leaders and their verified designees can provide more information, including details about special programs, academic focus, extra-curricular activities, registration, photos or videos, and more.

School and district boundary information helps families moving to a new neighborhood

GreatSchools provides maps and visual tools to show school eligibility boundaries, which are especially helpful for families moving to a new neighborhood. The largest group of families choosing schools (24%) report that they moved to their current neighborhood so their children could attend their current school.3

GreatSchools articles and materials help parents and teachers support learning

Parents — and teachers — also come to GreatSchools for articles, videos, and worksheets that help them support and encourage learning. In 2013, more than 10 million unique visitors accessed these materials. Here are a few of the most popular recent GreatSchools articles, videos, and worksheets:

Studies show GreatSchools has a positive impact

Stanford University researchers found that, compared to a control group, Washington, D.C. parents who received detailed information from GreatSchools enrolled their children in higher-performing middle schools. Additional research about how parents research and choose schools for their children:


1 Unique visitors represent the number of unique tracking devices ("cookies") set in a time period. This number is a close proxy for individuals, but not exact given that individuals may delete cookies and/or browse from multiple devices. Based on third party web analytics service Quantcast and our own calculations, we estimate that 91% of AUVs are individual persons.

2 User breakdown from 2013 GreatSchools Customer Satisfaction Survey. N = 1,533.

3 "Report on Rethinking the Federal Role in Education" — Brookings Institute, 2010 —