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GreatSchools Local

Bring the best school information to your community with GreatSchools Local

It’s not just about test scores...

Local provides real-time details about school climate, safety, teacher collaboration, family engagement and more.

It’s about getting the bigger picture...

The platform has an easy to understand interface which includes in-depth profiles of area schools, including local school ratings, details on programs, and rich community insights.

Providing parents with the information they want to know...

Enhanced region-specific landing page and supporting pages assists your parents by loading district specific "Navigating the System" information about school options, district enrollment rules and local application deadlines.

Every community, city, district & state is unique…

This solution enables partners to leverage the valuable resources and experiences of GreatSchools to deliver meaningful, localized information to help families make well-informed decisions about their children's education.

Combining the reach of GreatSchools’ national platform
with local knowledge and relationships…

Not only can we provide your community with a great platform with rich information for families on schools, we also provide technical assistance for partner organizations for reaching your parents with on the ground outreach and awareness programs.

Harness the power and reach of GreatSchools…

Through a partnership with state and local organizations, we offer a cost-effective way to harness the power and reach of our national platform to bring the best school information and tools to families. reaches over 50 million households per year.

Join the dozens of partners around the country who are bringing parents best in class information and tools.

GreatSchools Local.

GreatSchools Local sites have currently launched in Detroit, Indiana, Indianapolis, North Carolina, Milwaukee, Ohio, Delaware, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City. We are preparing to launch our next GreatSchools Local site in Atlanta.

How to Bring Local to Your Community

GreatSchools Local is excited to expand this solution to additional new sites in 2015 and are seeking cities/regions interested in a long-term partnership to equip parents with accurate, current, and relevant local school information and educational support. To learn more about how to bring a GreatSchools Local site to your community, contact our Local team for an initial assessment and to determine costs. Download our GreatSchools Local Features Guide to learn more.