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mstina January 10, 2010

I"m planning on moving in 30 days but its 41 minutes away from there insisted school chalkville son was excepted for turtoring classes from 7:15-7:30 before school and I were trying to see if i move can i tranfer school and he continue where he left off from tutoring at another schoool or will i had to tell the new teacher he needs tutoring i was going to take him daily before time but it tense and stressful because my other child goes to burkett william school and they bus him no matter where we move longs its in jefferson county district and other words i would have to wait till he leave before i can take him and my kindergarden to school and it takes 40 get there n/s if it round trip or one way i had mapquest. i feel like i need to transfer my children to avoid the hassle exspecially traffic along hywy 78

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healthy11 January 10, 2010

Hello. You have posted your question on a nationwide forum, but it sounds like you are trying to reach a specific school district. I would call them directly on Monday, and ask. I'm sorry we can't be of more help.

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