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How can I find a place like bootcamp for my 6 year old son?


Anonymous February 3, 2009

My son has been suspended for touching and kissing on girls along with looking at boys in the bathroom stalls, stealing, and making faces behind the teachers back. He has already repeated Kindergarden. He has ADHD and is taken medication. He is really smart. I've disciplined him, offered rewards for good behavior, explain why it is wrong, and encourage him on a daily basis. I'm tired and I have run out of options. Please help me!

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tjlove February 4, 2009

Hi and welcome to GreatSchools!

I'm sorry that you're feeling so worn down by your son's behavior. Believe me, you're not alone!

If you haven't joined yet, I'd like to encourage you to join our group for Learning and Attention Difficulties. Here's the link:


missdd February 17, 2009


I too am sorry about you feeling run down by your son's behavior. I don't feel as though boot camp is the answer though, why don't you instead try a children's behavioral health facility. I don't know what area you are in but if you contact the children's hospital in your area then they should have an answer or your child's Dr. I just think that seeing why he is behaving in this way instead of a boot camp is a better option.


tobbyandlui February 17, 2009

I think your son is too little for bootcamp. Usually bootcamp is for teens with very but very bad behaviour. You need to look for help, try to talk to his doctor about his problem and find out what he recommends.


drjohnson February 17, 2009

I agree with the previous posters. You really need to discuss this with the doctor who is prescribing medication.

What kind of doctor did the diagnosis and the prescription? The doctor should really be doing regular follow up appointments to make sure that the medication and dosage are correct.

If the doctor is your son's regular pediatrician, I recommend that you get a referral to a pediatric psychiatrist who is more familiar with ADHD and the various medications.


Dannyac March 21, 2013

I have the sammmmeeee problem and he just got suspended from kindagraden but the thing is he is soooooo smart and people will say he is a 5 year old he might not understand and he uses the fact he is five to his advangtage he knows more then some teens he is so super brilliant and minipulates everything did you find a place i need a bootcamp!


DaphneShanell April 11, 2013

Thank you!!!! I don't feel bad knowing that I have a super young child that gives me hell as well. His behavior started last year at 6 (looking and touching boys inappropriately, acting out in class, refusing to do his chores, failing to follow directions at home and school). He is ADHD and has tried many medications and like DANNYAC's son, he is very smart and uses his age to his advantage. Because of his young age and cute face, people think I'm crazy or lying when I tell them that I am completely stressed out because of him. I even went as far as to contact DFCS (not to give him away but to utilize support services that they have for parents in need such as counseling services and programs that I wouldn't otherwise have access to). They got him hooked up with a psychiatrist and a therapist and a programs that works with him on his social skills. He has been assessed to see if he has been abused sexually (this was unfounded) and his medication has been changed (Adderrall to Risperdal) due to his pediatrician saying that although he has ADHD, he may also have PDD which is an anti-social disorder similar to autism. He is doing much better! Therefore, contact your local DFCS and ask them how they can help and get his medication changed. Also, daily rewards are a big help.


user5832296 April 11, 2015

My almost 9 years is the same way...He is fine on his meds for awhile and then boom out of no where gets these attitudes where he wants to hurt someone hurts himeself ive had him in the hospital and they tell me nothing is wrong with him and i need to get him a hobby??? Hes so smart and he thinks its a game..I want to help him now so he can over come this and be the sweet little boy i know he is. :( Any advice is appreciated. Any support groups anything really. Thank you!

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