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amber205a April 30, 2013

Could someone refer me to the best way to find what school my daughter would attend by our new address? thanks in advance

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MagnetMom May 7, 2013

Hi amber205a, and welcome to GreatSchools Birmingham Community.

For safety purposes it's not a good idea to post your address, so let me try to give you a few ways to search for it.

If you're in the Birmingham City Schools District, you can find your school here:

If you're in a more suburban location, you might do well to just call a school nearby (that you've seen on the way to the store or the park) and typically, the school can tell you whether you'll attend there or which school nearby. You can also just ask that school for the district's phone number and someone there can possibly help.

To get the contact information for schools in your area, you can start here:

Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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