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Foley, AL
Students enrolled: 1,616
Before care: No

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1 Pride Place
Foley, AL 36535

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(251) 943-2221
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September 15, 2014
I currently attend Foley High School & if i could go to another school i would. They have to many students, the classes are to large, & the hallways are to crowed. They also have a bad bullying problem, and they fail to see it. They spend to much time worrying about what students are wearing rather then teaching. I also attended Gulf Shores a few years back, & i have to say Foley is better then Gulf Shores.

- submitted by a community member
March 30, 2014
I currently attend Foley High Schools, and as far as high schools go I consider it one of the best out there. The principals are wonderful with both discipline and connecting with the kids. Most of the counselors are great as well. The only issue is class size, but the teachers are pretty good at accommodating the large classes (the 16 people per teacher is a lie, its more like 30 per teacher). If you get involved with something like the band, which I HIGHLY SUGGEST THE BAND, you are sure to make friends and have a good experience. Most of the kids are pretty nice and laid back, and it isn't a very cliche-y school unlike other schools in the district *cough* Fairhope and Daphne *cough*. Students tend to accept other students and there is a very diverse student body. I really love this school and would suggest it to anyone.

- submitted by a student
May 13, 2013
We are a Military family. We love the school and the fact that there are uniforms is just icing on the cake. We have not had any trouble with teachers here and one of my boys has aspergers. He is doing really well here. they even have a free after school program called Project Rise. They get help with homework at Project Rise and then they do fun stuff like hip hop, self defense, learn to cook, arts and crafts and archery

- submitted by a parent
August 21, 2011
Teachers spend much too much time fussing at problem students, and not enough time teaching! Also, the school has a rampant mold problem that makes many like me ill. Talk about disgusting!

- submitted by a student
no rating September 19, 2008
Foley high has alot to offer thier students. It's a great school and I am proud that my daughter attends Foley high school / go Lions!!!!

- submitted by a parent
no rating February 26, 2008
I<3FHS.Foley High School is an awesome school!I would have to agree with Jessica Brewer on everything! I was also Drum Major of Foley High!And Yes I do thank God for the band.And the many other extra curricular activities they offer.Lol.It got me through a lot.And all the stuff about Uniforms and what not, It's silly.It got to the point where it became a basic routine.. And the teachers do care about teaching, if anything they slacked on the discipline as much as they could w/o getting themselves in trouble.. But hey it's there job. Anyways I had some really awesome teachers! Some of the best.I loved and enjoyed all of them.. Yes Foley does have problems but so does every school it just happens to be small of enough to where people are more aware ! I love the family I made there!

- submitted by a student
February 11, 2008
As the parent of a 10th grader, I find that the students are not top priority. Football seems to be a the top of the list

- submitted by a parent
no rating October 10, 2007
I think this school is one of the best out there. I am very proud to have been a 2007 graduate. I would like to give thanks to my teachers for helping and my counselor Mrs. Wood. thanks, c.nettles

- submitted by a student
no rating September 23, 2007
The teacher and staff members in which I have interacted with are very involved and interested in the individual needs of students. My daughter is a junior at Foley, and has benefited greatly academically as well as socially. The foley band program as well as many other sports and clubs offered are helping our children to grow in many ways. They gain self confidence, freindship, learn how to work as a team, the list goes on. I am proud to say my daughter attends Foley High!

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2007
Foley High School is my high school and I'm very proud say that. I had a wonderful time at Foley. My teachers were great. If I needed help with anything I received it, whether it was with school work or personal problems. If you couldn't get help, you weren't trying hard enough to get it. I was drum major my junior and senior year and I thank God for band. I've met lots of wonderful people and got to travel and had a blast. I developed wonderful leadership skills and teamwork skills. I am going to school to become a high school teacher and I want to teach at Foley. Why? Because this is where I found my inspiration.

- submitted by a former student
no rating September 04, 2007
I think parents and students alike should stop complaining about the uniform policies... this is not new and it's the same for all of the Baldwin county schools. The kids 'know' what they are allowed to wear and it's their responsability to dress appropriately just like it will be when they are in the workplace. The teachers have been very accessible even sending emails to keep the parents informed of tests, problems, etc. The online STS system is awesome and if you're not informed of what's going on with your child, you're not trying. The only place I see a problem/weakness is with the administrative staff...... 'some' in the office can be downright rude. If you are going to make a rule about not allowing cell phones.... then it should apply to all students, not select students as it does at FHS.

- submitted by a parent
August 03, 2007
I was so disturbed after reading the comments on FHS that I decided - as a FHS teacher - to make a few comments myself. I do not pretend to be perfect, but I can assure you that as I enter my 11th year of teaching I work incredibly hard to make my classes relevant to my students. I attempt to challenge them - not only through the content, but through the opinions that they hold. I care deeply about my students and pray that they will be successful in life. I am proud to be a graduate of FHS as well and feel privileged to be a part of a fantastic family. It is true that there are weak aspects of our school but that is true everywhere. Help us make FHS better by being involved and improving us...not just criticizing us.

- submitted by a teacher
July 16, 2007
The academic[s] [are] very poor,most teachers in the regular class only care about you passing their class,not actually teaching. There are some kids that get more attention than others,that really need the help.

- submitted by a student
May 29, 2007
I'm a former student at Foley High school. I honestly hated school. It was a horrible experience for multiple reasons. It was very difficult to get help with anything. The teachers were also more concered about what we were wearing than what our grades were. I ended up dropping out... I regret it now and now that I look back if I had ONE teacher who cared wether or not I had a good future I probably would have stayed in. On top of everything the hallways are over crowded. If you can send your kid to another school...you should. Foley has a lot of improving to do.

- submitted by a former student
May 20, 2007
I currently have one daughter in Foley High and a son attending next year. Foley High is too into making uniform policies more important than the education a student should learn. I am very unappreciative of the qualities the faculty are lacking. While there are a select few teachers there who have great intentions for the students, most seem to not care. The principle seems to only care about the football team and their winning career. I know of one group, in particular who doesn't get enough acknowledgement. The Mighty Band from Lion Land, this is a group with great students who try their hardest to be the best they can be and make fans happy at football games, somehow the band always receive complaints. I would however like to thank those who support us!

- submitted by a student
January 31, 2007
Had a daughter at Foley and a son who will start next year. If can send your child to another school, do it. This school is over crowded. Some classes are 35 per class. Uniforms should be the least of their worries. the adults have lost control. The Baldwin County School Board needs to pay attention to what is happening at Foley High School.

- submitted by a parent
December 18, 2006
My daughter is a Sophomore at Foley High and we moved to Baldwin County for the school system when she was in the 2nd grade. We have had great success with the Baldwin County School System because we are involoved parents. We monitor her classes with Foley High's on-line program so we know every grade on every assignment. She is involved in Sports at the high school and we are supportive of that as well. We as well as she, know and understand the dress code and respect the rules set forth by the school board. She loves the high school and staff. I feel as long as you abide by the rules set forth and the child stays on a guided path they will be successful. Rules are in place for a reason, especially dress codes. Go Foley! TMR-

- submitted by a parent
November 27, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
October 31, 2006
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
September 27, 2006
I am a parent of 2 students who have been to Foley High. I am disappointed in the administration at that school. The uniform policy seems more important than making sure the student gets a good education. The teachers need to get back into teaching and stop being uniform patrollers.

- submitted by a parent
November 21, 2005
I am a graduate of Foley from 2001...and when I started school there I didnt have to wear uniforms until I was a junior..when we began to wear uniforms....I feel that our education was not the priority of this school system because they were more worried about whether or not our shirts were tucked in...the best thing to happen to this school was the coming along of Mr Dinges...if it were not for the uniforms, I believe that Foley High would be an excellent high school to send your child to...I do feel that there are plenty of student activities to participate in and there is good involvement from the parents side as well....

- submitted by a former student
November 17, 2005
I am a graduate from Foley High School. I graduated with an advanced diploma. I feel that Foley is a good school. They offer great extra cirricular activities. All my teachers were more than willing to help me. I would never have made it through math were it not for the tutoring lab. Where I was turored by my teacher. I learned useful knowledge that prepared me for my college experience. I did not attend under a dress code, but my brother did. I must say they were hard on him, but believe me the dress code has made Foley better in the long run. It saddens me to hear the poor ratings for this school, for I loved my high school.

- submitted by a former student
September 05, 2005
The school is more interested in uniforms instead of teaching. I am a F.H.S graduate c/o 2005 and I wouldn't have made it without my 'special ed' help. The school is to worried about the uniforms instead of education.

- submitted by a former student
July 20, 2005
I recently transferred from Foley High to a much smaller, much poorer, school. Ordinarily, this might make the new school more unsatisfactory, but I found that I am now having a pleasant high school experience, whereas at Foley I truly believed I hated school. Here, the administration knows my name, the mold isn't a problem, and I can actually eat my lunch in the time alloted. Foley High School's administration could care less about the well-being and success of its students, for they are far too busy enforcing the dress code. I would NOT reccommend this school to anyone.

- submitted by a former student
July 08, 2005
This school is very poor.

- submitted by a student
May 16, 2005
I am an alumnus of Foley High School and would have to say that my high school experience would not have been the same if it were not for this high school. I am currently a student @ Auburn University and I am earning a degree in Health Services Administration and will then go on to Nursing School. Foley High School is a terrific high school and MOST of the teachers are extremely helpful and want nothing more than to see the students succeed and go on to bigger and better places. Foley High School's teachers are part of the reason I am the person I am. I do believe that if you want to be extremely successful in college....it does not take an extremely smart individual, but rather a dedicated one. Parents cannot blame their child's failure after high school on the teachers of this school-it is a great school!

- submitted by a former student
March 16, 2005
I think the school is more interested in what the students are wearing instead of what they are learning. My child has been to both private and public school and the public school uniform policy for this county is ridiculous! I think teachers should do more teaching in the classroom and less movie watching everyday. I can say that my childs counselor has been very heplpful. when he can actually get through the line in time to eat lunch before the bell. I would rate the school a 2 out of 5.

- submitted by a parent
March 16, 2005
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
February 21, 2005
I am currently a sophomore at Foley High School. Although Foley has a minority of 'stiff' teachers, I have found that the majority of teachers seem to be involved in most of their students individual highschool careers. The problem is not with the teachers; in my opinion, the problem lies in the administration.

- submitted by a student
October 09, 2004
Last year I transferred to this school from Pendleton High School. I never got a chance to meet the principal, and the people in charge of my schedualing were uncooperative. It took me three weeks to finally get my schedule made, then at the beginning of this school year I had to go through all of it again. The halls are crowded, the roof leaks, mold everywhere, outrageous uniform policy, bad teachers.

- submitted by a student
September 07, 2004
Foley High School is poor. I's greatest interest is in keeping the kids in line, not in educating or seeing them grow. The administration is poor and unresponsive. The teachers are mediocre for the most part. My son learned little while here and the school still managed to violate his rights and to not figure out how to administer an IEP for a student. This is a poor excuse for a school. Examine the drop out rate of students in this part of Baldwin County and you'll see proof of Foley High School's greatest failings. Although Foley seemed little concerned with the drop out rate. Just so they make their jobs as easy as possible. It takes more than new facilities to make good schools. Baldwin County and Foley High School are proof of that. Warning if you're moving to Baldwin County you'll be disappointed at the schools.

- submitted by a parent
May 16, 2004
I am actually a former FHS student who moved to Arnold High School in Panama City Beach, FL. I use to hate school until I moved here and realized that it was just Foley! The teachers here are so much better! They actually do this one thing known as teaching. I love AHS! I just graduated on May 12 and I will miss my school...

- submitted by a former student
May 08, 2004
This school is great! I learned alot of things at this school, but the most important thing that I learned at this school was how to react to the surrounding environment. I made tons and friends, and met people that were not the same as me. This helped show me that everyone is different, and you have to know how to act around different types of people, while still being yourself. At this school, if you show respect, you gain respect.

- submitted by a former student
January 12, 2004
I've yet to receive any curriculum prior to admittance. They give it to the child in 8th grade. They let the child decide courses while in the 8th grade. I have had exteme difficulty with arranging meetings, or receiving any correspondaces as child was not fullfilling their responsibilies. During parent/teacher conf., the teacher elected to fullfill his/her coaching gig rather than be available for meeting. I hope the State will attribute more financial support for education. I do find most of the teachers to be an asset and they alone should not be held accountable.

- submitted by a parent
July 26, 2003
The school has mold growing all over the walls and ceiling... It makes my son's allergies kill him everyday at school. Other students are the same. The hallways are crowded. Many teachers are rude and don't care about the students. The administration treachs the students like prisoners; not students.

- submitted by a parent

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Foley High School
1 Pride Place, Foley, AL  36535
(251) 943-2221
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