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grannybabs October 31, 2011

How much is too much homework?!?
My son in the 11th grade has scored 100 or more on all of his tests for a certain history class! But, because the school's test scores have plummeted, students are required to out-line every chapter in the book! My son does not have the time to do that work and why should he be punished for past students poor scores?

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Ortrun April 22, 2012

it doesn't make sense for a school to do that. are you saying the school's rating goes up if they can show students are doing more work or the teacher thinks the students in the class will perform better on tests if they outline the chapter?? it doesn't sound like a well thought out solution. the school might benefit from looking into who is scoring low and why and supporting those students with tutoring and study skills. good luck getting to the bottom of this!


MagnetMom December 29, 2011

Hi grannybabs,

Students who do well often get saddled with busy work they don't need to succeed in high school. He should approach his teacher himself and point out that the amount of work is too much--NOT just for him, but for the entire class.

They should work together to find a compromise to help students study for this teacher's tests that does not require so much busy work.

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