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Looking for a good pre school


prish2009 June 14, 2012

We just moved to Anchorage and I am looking for a pre school for my 3 years old daughter. Can anyone please suggest some good preschool.

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MagnetMom July 8, 2012

Hi prish2009,

Here's a great link to get you started:

You'll be able to look up schools in your area, read parent reviews and learn about different preschool approaches and help narrow down your choice.

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.


jjloudon August 19, 2012

There are several very good preschools in Anchorage, and it will really depend on what you're looking for and what part of town you're living in (or how far you're willing to drive).

I heartily recommend Rabbit Creek Preschool. It's in South Anchorage and is a preschool that does not offer full-time childcare -- 2 mornings a week for 3 year olds and 3 mornings a week for 4 year year olds. It doesn't work for parents who need full-time care but I found it to be just the right amount of time to help prepare kids for Kindergarten. It's high on parent involvement with a parent volunteer board and parents in the classroom every day.

I have also heard good things about Anchorage Cooperative Preschool (another high parent involvement school). Anchorage Montessori has different programs (3 day or 4 day, etc). They are expensive but I hear good things about them, especially for those interested in Montessori instruction.

Really, Anchorage has a wide variety and I would recommend searching based on what you're interested in. There are Spanish immersion preschools, preschools that offer Japanese, Waldorf-based instruction preschools, etc.

For me, I wanted a preschool where parents were involved. I believe that schools where parents are involved often obtain the best results. I found that those kinds of schools also created a great community, where the moms got to know each other just as well as the kids did. Good luck with finding a good fit for you!

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