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Anonymous August 20, 2009

I am thinking of putting my daughter in preschool, but she isnt completly potty trained does that matter? She is only 3 and she is almost potty trained just not all the way there yet?

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Ryan8th August 22, 2009

I would Suggest you wait until she can use the bathroom bye herself because that may be a disaster.... and wait until she is the usual age like 4 so she doesnt have to be in it as long and so she can be in same grades as her friends... i made 4 Lifetime friends in preschool but 1 of them was 1year younger and it just makes it different


tjlove August 24, 2009

Truth be told, my daughter just started preschool and she's not yet three and she's not completely potty trained either. She wears a pull-up at night and today might be the first time she's napped without a pull-up. So she might be wearing different clothes when I pick her up today!

My suggestion is to talk to the preschool you're considering sending her to. I'm sure they're used to dealing with accidents and will be able to let you know what is and what is not acceptable.

You should also check out our preschool page and our parents of preschoolers group!


skone01 August 25, 2009

generally doesn't matter, but talk to the school. Once she sees other kids on the miniature toilet, she'll be on board. I wouldn't think you'd want her to miss a year of playing with fun kids and cool toys just because of your embarrassment for a week or two.


jumbarumba May 30, 2011

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church on Jewel Lake and (about 85th Ave) has the best Preschool. My daughter was in it for a year then I moved her to the ASD preschool because it was free. I fully regret it. The director of Gloria Dei, Cathy (I think) had the kids really working on their letters colors and numbers. The ASD preschool was kids that were having trouble and they had them color and watch movies mostly. Her learning stopped with their program.

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