City Overview

Returns information about a city. All calls to City Overview are in this format:[components]?[parameters]


Components of the url describe what type of data you would like. They are separated by forward slashes.
NameDescriptionSample Values
state*Two letter state abbreviationak
city*Name of city, with spaces replaced with hyphens. If the city name has hyphens, replace those with underscores. Any other special characters should be URL-encodedSan Francisco becomes "San-Francisco"
Cardiff-By-The-Sea becomes "Cardiff_By_The_Sea"


The "key" parameter is what you use to send us your API key.
NameDescriptionSample Values
key*Your API keymyAPIkey
Examples of usage:[yourAPIKey]
Returns city information for San Francisco, CA

Sample Request[yourAPIKey]
Returns city information for Anchorage, AK

Sample Response

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