School Search

Returns a list of schools based on a search string. All calls for School Search are in this format:[parameters]


The "key" parameter is what you use to send us your API key.
NameDescriptionSample Values
key*Your API keymyAPIkey
state*State to search inCA
q*Search query string. The query string must be properly URL-encoded.Alameda High School
levelCodeLevel of school you wish to appear in the listValid values: "elementary-schools", "middle-schools", "high-schools"
sortThis call by default sorts the results by relevance. If you'd prefer the results in alphabetical order, then use this parameter with a value of "alpha". Valid values: "alpha"
limitMaximum number of schools to return. This defaults to 200 and must be at least 1. 10
Examples of usage:[yourAPIKey]&state=CA&q=Alameda
Searches for schools using the query string "Alameda" in California[yourAPIKey]&state=CA&q=Alameda&sort=alpha&levelCode=elementary-schools&limit=10
Searches for no more than 10 elementary schools using the query string "Alameda" in California, returned in alphabetical order

Sample Request[yourAPIKey]&state=CA&q=Alameda+Christian&limit=2
Returns 2 search results for "Alameda Christian" in California

Sample Response

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