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Glendale, AZ
Students enrolled: 648

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15808 N 63rd Ave
Glendale, AZ 85306

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(623) 486-6000
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April 29, 2015
I love foothills! My daughter is in there developmental preschool class and she loves it!! She loves Ms Miriam and her team!! My daughters needs can be hard to meet and I try hard to find the best for her. I have been pleasantly surprised at how great this school is and how great of a year my daughter has had. Thank you so much foothills!!

- submitted by a parent

April 29, 2015
This school is fantastic because it offers an amazing leg up for kids by integrating arts into learning every day. By allowing them to express themselves artistically, I've found all three of my children's grades have gone up not only because they can express these abilities but all the teachers find ways for them to integrate these abilities into their learning experiences. Starting in 5th grade students can add dance/drama/band/choir to their regular classes and get a leg up for high school as well as life if they want to do any of those for a living. I've not found any school other than this one that teaches beginning dance. I've taken dance. This class is almost identical to my high school dance class which introduced me to jazz, ballet, tap. This school not only allows for these in depth arts classes but also exceeds expectations for my children's grades. I love this school and highly recommend this rating go up. People deserve to know what this school offers for our future generation.

- submitted by a parent

March 20, 2015
My daughter loves this school. She loves the fact that she has peers that share the same performing art interests. Dr. Benson has been out and welcoming at EVERY after-school and extra event the school holds. Keep in mind that these are on top of the full "regular" day he puts in beforehand. To the parents complaining about bullying.....what is it that you expect a school to reasonably be able to do? This is a k-8 school that cannot "kick" kids out. The best they can try and do is reform a child's behavior. I also suggest you teach your own child how to be assertive and respond in an appropriate way. Seems to me everyone wants to point the finger at the school and administration when basically the options to deal with student discipline are determined by the district and state. If they could "fix" the bad child rearing of other parents they would be miracle workers not teachers. Before you slam them consider that.

- submitted by a parent

November 02, 2014
I went to foothills from 2005-2013. I watched it go downhill along with test scores and teaching methods. For an arts school, the teachers need to push a little harder and help the students more! Being in high school now i have more privileges and help from teachers if needed. The teachers at foothills need to prepare students for high school more and give them a better education.

- submitted by a community member

May 16, 2014
I am really disappointed in how far this school has fallen. I've had several children attend here and we may actually move them. I had hopes a new principal would revive the staff and bring a non bias view; however it has since fallen even faster. The new principle is very nice. He's just not a good leader and a coward. There are several teachers that need to be retired. They no longer like working with kids and there tends to be some singling out of students. I've had several conversations with other foothills parent concerned about teachers who bully. I have see multiple incidents of teachers bullying kids this year. I guess there's good and bad teachers at every school. There are a few great teachers here. The problem is the bad ones are allowed to do anything they want without consequence. Also adding Fine Arts to the name of a school may sound fancy, but it does not increase the quality of the program teachers or classes. Unless you are "mom friends" with an arts teacher...forget about ur kid getting in. If ur kid decides they want to try another "art program" they will be black listed for their remaining years. So sad because we used to live it here. It's a joke now!

- submitted by a parent

April 26, 2014
This school is a very bad school I would not recommend sending your child here. Im a seventh grader who has gone to foothills since kindergarten and ive been bullied since, my parents and I have had complaints many times and they say they will gain control but they dont. I hate this school and I know alot of other people do to. Teachers read the students messages on there phone (invading personal privacy) and as I said before ive been bullied since 1st grade now in seventh and they dont do anything but once someone says I bully them when i dont i get suspended like is that necessary so finally standing up for myself i punched a boy in the face of course I got suspended! But still I DO NOT recommend your child coming to foothills the teachers are disrespectful and students are mean.

- submitted by a community member

April 17, 2014
My son went here 2 years for preschool with Ms. Donna and is now in kindergarten with Ms. Eilliams. I have no issues with the teachers and the new principal us awesome. I see him all over the place so I know he's working hard. My one and only complaint is that went mentioned I was thinking about holding my son back in kindergarten I met with the vice principal and his teacher. They said they were going to put an action plan together and I never heard anything back about an action plan. I'm a very active so I didn't think anything of it. Overall I have no real complaints. Hopefully I won't in the future.

- submitted by a parent

April 16, 2014
Good luck to the new principal. I have had children attend this school for the past 15 years and have seen the school decline. Bullying is a theme at this school. Dress codes are unobserved. There are only a handful of teachers that really do their job, many are unprepared for class, to provide work if a student will be absent, or at conferences. It is sad to see such a decline in student and teacher morale as well. The new principal certainly has his work cut out for him.

- submitted by a parent

March 08, 2014
I have to post in response to the negative comments below. My kids have been at Foothills for three years. I have never seen HS kids all over campus, kinder kids alone, or complete lack of supervision. I am on campus multiple times each week at varying times of day. There are always teachers on the playgrounds and in the cafeteria during hours children are there and there are two seperate playgrounds for younger and older kids. They have begun locking the gates during school hours this year, which has made me very happy. Improvements have occurred with the new principal. There is definitely some room to grow, but this new principal seems to have his work cut out for him after this school has seen dropping scores the previous two years and other details. It is getting better. Foothills certainly encourages parent involvement.

- submitted by a parent

August 20, 2013
This school has had one of the best community caring environments that I have been in. While there are issues with students' discipline, I hope the new prinicipal will address these areas of concern. This school is making great strides in the areas of reading and is working hard to address the new common core frameworks. For anyone to say that the staff/teachers do not care about student success is ludicrous. Parents need to take an active role in their children's lives and follow through with consequenses when behavior warrants it. Student, Parents, and Teachers should be a team. This school has alot of wonderful attributes, and if everyone works together, it will continue to improve.

- submitted by a parent

August 15, 2013
My school is.. Pretty good.. I wanted to go to pioneer though, because last year when I was in 6th grade they didn't do anything when I was getting bullied.. then I almost got suspended cause of the bullies.. But this tear im hoping its different cause theres a new principle, Im not a huge fan of the choir teacher Mrs.Burnett.. But who knows.. Maybe ill learn to like her..

- submitted by a community member

February 05, 2013
This school is okay, and that parent who said there is zero security, a whole lot a other schools in the PUSD have no security, Marshall Ranch Elementary (near ironwood) is worst, a bridge goes from on side of the canal into the school. Anyway, Cactus High is right next to the school, and the only place I see the high schoolers go on campus is either home, picking up a sibling, or talking to one of their 7/8 grade friends. The offic, principal, and school organization is pretty bad though, and this school is cheap. My sons school in LA Unified (one of the poorest in the U.S) could afford more than this school. Something happened to this school, my son said the principal said this school used to have 1100 students. You can send your kids to this school, only thing to worry about is your kids personality, since the kids here are "semi-friendly", and if your kid has a bad personality they will be bullied, which is rare at this school, so is fights, but both have been growing in the junior high areas after this one 8th grade girl came, which I think her parents wrote the review below, and all the kids say she started drama that literally spread as far as 5th grade.

- submitted by a teacher

January 18, 2013
This is by far the worst school our child has ever attended. For starters, there is ZERO security, no monitoring of visitors, no staff whatsoever before or after school. There are up to eighth graders mixed in with as young as second graders with no supervision before or after school. ANYONE can walk on campus and pick up your kid. Then there are high schoolers walking all over the campus right after school. We have witnessed older kids bullying little ones, a kid left at the kindergarten playground alone after the bell rang with the gardening staff (no teacher in sight), and much more. We walk our child to the classroom door in the am and walk in to pick her up after school and pray that she is safe in between. We addressed our concerns with the VP, and saw more staff for a few weeks, then things went back to "normal". We also placed a call to the Admin staff with another concern, and never received a call back from the principal as we were promised. We are working on getting our child placed elsewhere. Do not send your kids here.

- submitted by a parent

October 17, 2012
awful principal & most teachers are very mean to the kids. My kids went there for 5 years 4 of those years had zero problems then the principal came. its been a while since we left & Im so so glad we did I know people who still go there but will not for long.

- submitted by a parent

October 16, 2012
This is an excellent school. Because this is the "performing arts" school in the district, the junior high has the opportunity to be involved in real dance instruction, choreography & performance. The dance teacher is one of those utterly amazing women on this Earth who changes lives. My daughters get dance as a regular class during the day & are graded on such things as their performance etiquette & whether they spot when doing triple pirouettes! But its not just that. The office staff are friendly and knowledgeable, the principal is actively involved and upbeat. They have plenty of ways to get involved and support their community. The 6th - 8th grade teachers are excellent. Creative, ambitious, understanding, thoughtful, and so many of them are like those amazing teachers we have had once in awhile & will always remember! Sad that the great tech teacher left this year and no so impressed with the replacement, hopefully the staff will rub off on him. I feel so very blessed that I found this school and now am looking to move into the neighborhood so we will be in district. -- a very concerned and involved mother of 4 girls.

- submitted by a parent

April 22, 2012
I posted the 24th of January review and I am back because so much has changed in the past few months. My husband and i are extremely disappointed in this school. First of all my daughter who was so optimistic and has always loved school is now very unhappy. There are a group of kids who have been bullying her. It does not just end at school but continues on the net..I have found mean messages on facebook from these kids who are going out of their way to make her miserable. I have approached her teacher is doing her best to resolve the situation but they only stop for a few days then carry on again. I have brought it to the attention of the principals who told me they would not tolerate this. However it seems nothing has changed despite the fact that I have gone numerous times to complain as well as email my concern. I now have a daughter who absolutely hates going to school. We have decided to move our children for the new school year.

- submitted by a parent

April 21, 2012
I am very displeased with Foothills. The principal is a retired employee who continues to be hired back each year. She acts like she is retired and provides no leadership to the faculty and staff. The 7th and 8th grade team is very weak except for the 8th grade math teacher. They have little concern for student success and treat students like a number in the system. Many of them sit at their computers during class and allow the students "free time" instead of teaching the curriculum. The principal has admitted awareness of the situation but takes no corrective action. Beware of this school!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
June 28, 2009
Foothills is an excellent school with a great staff and amazing arts integration program. I highly recommend Foothills to anyone looking for a new school for their child.

- submitted by a parent

June 28, 2009
My child was in pre-school at foothills in 2007, a kindergartener in 2008 and going into first grade this August. This school is wonderful! Great teachers, office staff, principle, PTO and our librarian is wonderful!!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
July 30, 2007
I went to Foothills for 8 years, and my kids go there now. (4th grade & twins in preschool). I loved it, and they love it also. The teachers and staff are excellent, and welcome positive parent involvement. It is nice to know that if anything the school has gotten better with time, and my kids have a great school to call home.

- submitted by a parent

September 18, 2006
I really liked Foothills the moment I was able to go on campus with my daughter, sign in as a visitor, and head over to the classroom unannounced. From beginning to end we were welcomed with kindness and smiles. The Kindergarten teacher that was present that day just happens to be the teacher my daughter was assigned to, and she is outstanding on paper but this education, and experience shines through the children's happiness. My daughter is always excited to go to school and when the day ends she talks about her day with Mrs. Stefan non-stop. I've worked with both my kids learning ABC', numbers, writing and spelling at an early age; however, the interaction and different learning centers in the class really gets the kids to retain what is being taught. The teachers have personal emails and will allow parents in as often as possible to help!

- submitted by a parent

May 30, 2006
We have been at Foothills for 13 years now and still love it!

- submitted by a parent

March 08, 2006
Both of my children have attended Foothills for the seventh and eight grade. We chose Foothills because of the Fine Arts Institute, but also because of the academics. My children have excelled in their academic classes and been allowed to participate in visual arts and dance. The teachers and administrators have always been helpful and accessible if I had a concern. My children have had a wonderful experience at Foothills and are glad they had the opportunity to attend.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
July 15, 2005
I have heard many good things regarding the Arts Program available at Footshills Elemantary School. I am very interested in finding out more info on the school and what it has to offer.

- submitted by a parent

June 28, 2005
I am pleased with Foothills Elementary. The academic programs are wonderful whether your child is excelling or not. I have 3 children at different grade levels. Parent involvement is greatly appreciated and welcomed at Foothills.Now that my children are getting older they have taken advantage of Foothills' Band Program and their Strings class as well.

- submitted by a parent

November 16, 2003
This school has the best K-3 grade teachers. They are patient, caring and very dedicated to their profession. I have had 2 children through this school and now have moved to another peoria district, but had nothing but positive experience with both staff and administration. This school also has excelled in the arts program and should be commended for trying to enhance the curriculm.

- submitted by a parent

April 28, 2003
The principal, teachers and office staff do not communicate well. I have received several calls asking why my son was not in school when he was suspended from school. I received a call from the office on another occasion informing me that my daughter was not in school. The office staff and the teacher had failed to follow procedure when a child is tardy. Rather that have her wait for a pass, the office told her to go to class and the teacher did not call to ask why she did not have a pass. Her presence was not reported to the attendance clerk. They caused unnecessary panic by not following their own rules.

- submitted by a community member

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Foothills Elementary School
15808 N 63rd Ave, Glendale, AZ  85306
(623) 486-6000
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