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1875 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004

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June 15, 2015
If you value your child's education, you need to look elsewhere. I am pretty sure that staff wrote the last two positive reviews on here because there will are not very many parents who are happy with the production of this school. Insufficient communication to parents, as well as no stability are reasons enough to to enroll your child here. Last winter there were staff layoffs that effected every child of every grade. As a result, class sizes tripled and quality learning severely decreased. My child went from being challenged to almost no homework, or parent driven assignments. On top of that, the children do not have a lunch room to eat in, because the school could not afford it, and parents were not notified of this as well as many other changes. The few teachers and staff left are quality members, but having severely limited resources because of bad investments does not do anything to improve the school or quality of education to the children. There was a robotics exercise that the students were supposed to participate in, only to find out that it had been dropped for 7th and 8th grades with no explanation as to why. If you value the education your child is getting, this is not the place for them. I cannot recommend this place to my worst enemy.

- submitted by a parent

March 11, 2015
I recommend and support the Arizona Academy of Science as an exemplary educational institution. I cannot see my child attend any other school. This charter school provides a wonderful academic curriculum with focus on science, math and technology. These subjects are most important to my child in this age of Information Technology. The school campus is beautiful and the class room sizes are small which adds to my child s positive education. The Central location and diversity of the school are very important factors why I entrust my child to attend AZAOS. Every day is exciting for my child who loves her school. She enjoys the staff, her pupils and the challenges that the school provides. Without any reservation, I would recommend AZAOS to anyone.

- submitted by a parent

March 04, 2015
This school is perfect for my fifth grade son. His home room teacher can tell me, on demand and from memory, how he is scoring in every subject. The tech lab has Vex Robotics and Arduino kits. The curriculum is flexible to accommodate the needs of individual students. After toiling through years of public school where he was constantly bored, my twice-exceptional son is THRIVING and I couldn't be happier. There was some staff turnover this year which led to a few angry parents leaving some nasty reviews. I decided to investigate to see if there was any credence to their complaints. My scientific mind requires objective evidence! I went to board meetings, paid close attention to details whenever I was on campus, and had more than one frank discussion with faculty and administration. I was amazed. Everyone here is completely dedicated and passionate. In particular, I have never met a principal who works harder and cares more about individual students. Test scores overall, as presented to the Board, indicate that AZAOS students are learning, progressing toward educational goals generally faster than pretests projected they would. Success! We stayed, and I am so glad we did.

- submitted by a parent

January 15, 2015
Run Away. First let me say that, unlike many reviewers, I was generally happy with the teachers. All of the teachers I interacted with actually care and are trying to turn things around here, but the administration is failing them. Due to low enrollment they laid off half the teachers (of course some of the better ones that thought outside the box were the ones to get laid off) and merged the classes and grades, so now the classrooms are combined with every two grades (K-1, 2-3, etc) being taught by a single teacher. They may add floating teacher aids, but that still leaves the teachers preparing and teaching twice the amount of material. Communication is a definite problem: Little to no information given to parents for events until days before (if that). I was initially told I could pay for lunches and after school care via the website (not kept up to date btw) , but then told on the first day that online payment wasn't set up and I should just bring in cash each month. The final straw: The administration wants to hold all grades K-8 to the same behavior standards, and seems to respond to everything with a suspension.

- submitted by a parent

December 11, 2014
DO NOT ENROLL YOUR CHILD HERE BIG MISTAKE! !! My child went through 3 teachers no wonder he had failing grades it takes a child alot to learn one way of being taught yet 3 ways?! The staff is related so if you're uncle works there you are hired teachers look very young and like they graduaded high school. They sent home wrong report cards not once but twice! You will stress even more just save your self now DO NOT ENROLL YOUR CHILD HERE! ! -0 stars

- submitted by a parent

October 20, 2014
If I could give this school a lower star I would. There are some many this wrong with this school I am completely surprised it has a license to operate as a school. Besides the very week curriculum, the complete lack of any kind of communication it has incredibly poor teachers. If you can even call them teachers. The people teaching science and tech are not teachers first and they are the first to tell you. They do not have lesson plans. They can not communicated in an effective manor with the students on any level. It's so poorly run that when you call and ask a question about an event that they are hosting in 5 days, the staff can NOT answer any questions except when the event starts.

- submitted by a parent

April 22, 2014
This school year has been the worst school year I have ever experienced My child has been going to this school for a little over 2 year I transfered my child to this school for smaller class size and more one on one My child has learned a lot but this school year we have new staff and new principal There is very little communication between the staff parents and students Teachers have degrees but no child development education as well as the principal The principal is not personalable doesnt communicate very well with parents or students This year I dont feel like my child has learned very much and this is why my child will not be attending next school year They are focused more on discipline than studies please dont get me wrong children do need to be disciplined but for every little thing is uncalled for There is no structure in there curriculum or in the class classes are mixed grades with to many students to a class/teacher This school doesnt have a lot to offer kids theres no sports art music computers or any other extra curricular activities for students to get involved with.

- submitted by a parent

December 10, 2013
I would have to say so far being new to this school, I don't really feel the teacher/student ratio is giving children the opportunity to learn as much as they could if the classes were smaller. The mixing of the grades in a classes I think are by far taking away from what a charter school is suppose to be. Its confusing to the students who are trying to learn at their grade level already and being mixed with another grade level is not a very good idea I think. The reason I switched my child's school in the first place was for one is thinking this school that was suppose to have smaller classes which led me to think they would have more undivided interaction with the teachers which I thought was great at the time. The teachers are very nice yes, but their passion for helping a child individually is purely impossible because of the numerous amount of children in the same class that also need help. To me this sounds very discerning because my child is being penalized from learning to the best of his ability. I think this school could improve if the classes were split back by grade level only and smaller classrooms again.

- submitted by a parent

December 05, 2013
I read a previous review about how great the science was in this school. how is that possible???? there is little science going on here. the review mentioned microscopes in the 2nd grade classroom. there is nothing of the sort. there are very few supplies of any kind & the kids are not well behaved. I would never send a child here. I am a scientist & this is not science education. I will send my child & my tax money elsewhere.

- submitted by a community member

March 28, 2012
Arizona Science Academy has made it easier for my child to learn with mulitiple techniques! My child has gained a loy of confidence in her learning. It makes sense to her now. Thank you for everything you've done for us.

- submitted by a parent

February 27, 2012
I already commented below, but I also want to make a quick comment on the science program. My husband and I are working scientists and inventors and have multiple science degrees. We think the science prep here is top notch. Referring to 12/7 review, just because a class is full of computers and science text books, means nothing in regards to a science program. This school has a working organic garden, a kinder with fish, hamsters, and hermit crabs, a second grade with very good microscopes, a math teacher that uses real world examples and mixed media to immerse the kids in math in many new ways, etc. Science is woven into every grade in a very hands on way - the way it should be learned, especially in K - 8 when kids are very concrete learners. 12/7 reviewer, are you a scientist? I doubt it. If you were, you would be more concerned about hands on inquiry based experience than some outdated textbook approach. Silicon Valley execs are proponents of actually keeping computers OUT of the classroom and love Montesorri/ Waldorf style ed so children can learn to really think critically and build. 1/17 reviewer - I think the Kinder science prep is great and the library is a block away.

- submitted by a parent

January 17, 2012
"we are known for our SCIENCE PROGRAM"........hmm, there is NO Science Program. School is always short staffed and parents are the volunteer tutors. There was also a big fundraising for a New Playground and the students worked really hard to come up with funds and they were told there was not enough money to buy the playground. Instead they remodeled the whole front office with NEW Equipment, platnum tv etc. Curriculum is under average with an overwhelmed/unorganized teacher with only 12 students. Website for the school is outdated since 2yrs ago. No Library for the entire student body, old books are donated by parents.

- submitted by a parent

January 04, 2012
I am fairly satisfied with the teaching staff's ability to instruct (some more than others), but the "new" administration is SEVERELY lacking! I am not so worried about the Principal or the lack of text books used in the classroom, as I have other children in charter schools and they have the same routine, but the quality of education is FAR superior! Mr. Flannigan is doing the best he can with what the nearly non-existent Board and Administration gives him to work with, (we don't even know their qualifications/backgrounds)..I find it interesting that the school for Science and Technology doesn't even have a "good" website. We have been hearing about the "new website" coming since mid- summer, but even I know that it takes a matter of days to put together a cohesive website, not months or semesters! The emphasis in science and technology is missing altogether as can be seen from their lack luster Science Night and barely there "Computer lab". I was drawn to this school because of the small size (both school and classroom), but overall I would tend to agree with the Dec 7th review! Sad fact, but true! I had such high hopes and now I'm searching for a new school, AGAIN!

- submitted by a parent

December 07, 2011
This school is horrible, unprofessional staff, not up to date, no textbooks used in the classroom - worksheets only. The name leaves you to believe there is an emphasis on science but it is not, no computers or computer labs and barely enough staff, would not recommend. The comments left below mine are being left by staff members, please look elsewhere for your child's sake. The "2" score is correct and their state level score is also well below the average also.

- submitted by a parent

November 23, 2011
This is our first year at this school and so far the experience has been a good one. There are pros and cons to every school out there however, this school is far better and more personal than a public school by far. Small class size make the teacher and student develop that personal relationship that has been lost in the public school arena. So far, it's a good fit as far as my child is concerned.

- submitted by a parent

November 18, 2011
I think the thing that stands out most to me is the intimacy of the environment. Because the school is relatively smaller than most public schools, I find that all of the staff members know my child s name. This is one of the most important things to me. For me to know that the staff knows my child even though they are teachers from other grades or administrators, it is priceless. This gives me comfort to know that my child is being acknowledged and looked after as an individual child, not just a number in a mass of nameless students. Besides that, I can tell that her teachers really care about the curriculum they re administering and the children they re educating. Please believe, I am very discriminating when comes to the rigor of my child s education. She came from a Catholic school that was very rigorous and strict. This school gives her the rigor while allowing her to express her individuality that, I believe, the Catholic school was stifling. If the staff stays the same, she will be going back next year.

- submitted by a parent

September 28, 2011
I heard directly from the teachers (of whom I know most) that the school has dramatically changed for the better over the last year since Grant Creech and Vaughn Flanagan replaced the old guard. You can safely ignore any comments made before 2010. Everyone I know that works there has a sincere vested interest in the welfare of the kids and the school as an organization. The children there are good, well behaved kids. No swearing, no rough play, no bullying and I hear them say please and thank you all the time. The teachers smile and give personal attention to their students. I see many of the teachers work long past 6:00pm for weekly events put on for family nights. These teachers dress professionally. They refer to themselves and to parents as Mr. and Ms. LASTNAME, which I find refreshing. The second grade class has eight expensive industrial microscopes. There is a computer lab with perhaps 20 computers. The kids are growing different plants in their own garden. The school is very interested in exploring different techniques for teaching and creating the next generation of scientists and engineers, which is very scientific in itself. I ve met many of the parents too all nice.

- submitted by a parent

September 29, 2009
If you are looking for a great education and life learning skills for your child, look no more. As a parent whose child has graduated from here with honors, I am proud to say this is the school my daughter went to and loved. Thank you to the great educators that taught her . Ms. Miller and Dr. Rollins, keep up the fantastic work!! With much respect to all of you! Ms. C.J. Hall

- submitted by a parent
no rating
October 31, 2008
I find it interesting that each negative comment is followed up by a positive one. My child's first year at AAS was indeed a positive one, however, the school lost several wonderful teachers and at that point the whole dynamics of the school changed. I was no longer able to chat with my child's teacher about my child without first making an appointment. I was very disappointed with the lack of an open door policy that is available in so many other schools, what are they hiding? There are many schools downtown to choose from, I found one for my child and it is a performing plus school too. As parents, the best thing we can do is to listen to our children when they talk about what goes on in the classroom.

- submitted by a parent

October 27, 2008
I believe this school is excellent. I work in the Downtown District for the State of Arizona and I find that this school is performing above and beyond. My children love the school location and the education provided by Arizona Academy of Science. My all my children are performing above average and I enjoy the teacher/parent communication. I have recommended a few of my friends, family and co-workers to this school, and they all love it.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 16, 2008
This school really has been progressing over the last few years. Both my children go to this school and I am amazed at the knowledge and the personal attention that all students receive. If they need additional attention whether it is for academics or that the kids need nuturing to bring out their talents, the teachers and the staff are attentive to their needs. If you are looking for a school that allows your child to think out of the box and focus on their talents this is the place to send them. I personally enjoy the location, though I could send my children to any school closer to home, but the security and the feel of an old school atmosphere make the difference here. My oldest will be going to this school since he wants to go straight into the BioScience high school and this is the most logical choice

- submitted by a parent
no rating
September 16, 2008
Several of my children attended this school last year and now that they are enrolled in another school, what the Arizona Academy lacks is glaringly obvious. The classrooms are very dirty, the walls are filthy and the books my children brought home were rejects from other districts; One dates to 1975! The principal is never available after school and she does not take bullying issues seriously. I want other parents to know that they can have good teachers and a nice campus elsewhere--they should keep looking!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
July 23, 2008
AAST was a life-saver for my son. The smaller class sizes allowed the teachers to give more personal attention, and he had a great year. The higher academic standards were a welcome challenge to all three of my children enrolled here.

- submitted by a parent

June 16, 2008
The school's name implies that there is a heavy emphasis on science and technology yet the school lacks a science lab and doesn't have a computer teacher nor computers in the classroom. I do not recommend this school.

- submitted by a parent

October 10, 2007
I am very pleased with the academic programs providsd the AAA of Science. My daughter enjoys the extracurricular activities, P.E, ART, trips to the library. This is my daughters 3rd year at AAA of Science, and during that time there has been a very good amount of parent involvement and fun events for me to attend and take part of with my daughter. I have been quite pleased with AAA of science since moving to the valley,and my daughter will continue to attend AAA of science. The level of her academic acheivements have been very pleasing, and I support the school and will continue to do so.

- submitted by a parent

October 02, 2007
This is extremely concerning that all of the parents that I have spoken to are considering taking their kids to another school. We are also looking into moving our child out of this school due to the issue that the owners wife is coming between the parents and the teachers, there is absolutely no communication between the two. She is not listed in any capacity in the school and they have taken her name off of the site. The teachers are out of the class as soon as the children are. If a parent attempts to talk to the teacher they have to have a meeting with her involved. This school is just getting worse as the year goes along. A teacher that has transferred there states there is no faculty meetings, no updates and no comradery between the teachers. Not a very conducive learning environment at all.

- submitted by a parent

September 29, 2007
My child is at this school, and I am currently looking for a new school. The curriculum has changed for the worst. Last year the 5th graders had spelling words taken from a 7th grade spelling book, this year those same kids have first grade words such as act, who, just. There is 1 1/2 hours spent in history and 1 1/2 hours in language arts and only 45 minutes spent in science and math and no time spent in computer class. The school's name is not reflected in the classes offered. There is no camaraderie among the teachers, except for the 2 teachers that are dating. There are no parent teacher conferences and as a parent, I am made to feel as an intruder in my son's class, rather than a welcome volunteer. We parents need to get together to resolve our issues with the school.

- submitted by a parent

September 28, 2007
This school has nothing to offer except a nice campus. Closing one school down due to financial reasons, having children bused from Glendale and Peoria to central phoenix is amazing and time and finance consuming. The school runs fund raisers but none of the proceeds have been seen to benefit the school at all. So much has been talked about this school and it will not be able to compete in a few years if there are not major changes.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
August 21, 2007
Their website just vanished so I researched to find out that the Elementary Campus had closed and that lower classes would be shuttled to the downtown location which is housed at a church. To say that the buildings and classrooms need serious upgrades is an understatement. Since it is a public location, anybody can just enter, security is zero! The school lacks money for everything from books, to supplies, to equipment. It boosts of an emphasis on science but simply lacks the means, equipment or staff to offer a qualified edge over other schools. The teachers seem too laid back and unorganized. The school is still in its infancy of development and requires a lot of patience and involvement on the part of parents. If the placement tests will hold up outside of this school, among other things, remains to be seen. Will hold off on rating until an update

- submitted by a parent

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Arizona Academy of Science participated in the Solar Car Competition sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers, Tucson Chapter. One of our 8th grade students came in 5th for performance and a 7th grade student came in 4th for design. Congratulations on your fine work.


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Arizona Academy Of Science And Technology
1875 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, AZ  85004
(602) 253-1199
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