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Autism/Special Needs Programs in the Phoenix area?


KikaBkmn March 28, 2012

We're relocating to the Phoenix area from Houston, TX soon and hoping to find a great Autism/Special Needs program within a public school for my 8 yr old son. Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!

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janyltremblay September 16, 2012

Hi Kika, I know the school systems in Phoenix as relating to this problem very well. You will not find a public school that will help you; they are awful. Especially stay away from Paradise Valley Unified School District, they will promise a lot, but they will not deliver and will allow your child to be bullied; their anti-bullyiing program is a joke as is their entire administration. There is a wonderful private school: Lexis Prep. If I were you and had to live and school in the Phoenix area I would only trust my child to this school or homeschool. The school system their is very poor and the children brutal.


jvr3smama May 15, 2013

LaurelRyan- Why stay away from Paseo Verde?? My Son just completed his first year of preschool here for special education. What is your experience?


user5325918 October 14, 2013

I am in Paradise Valley Unified School district. My four year old daughter attends Sunkids. However 2 hours a day is not enough and its only four days a week. I struggle because a daycare setting is too much for her. Any suggestions please let me know.


user5534771 April 27, 2014


I know it's been a while since you posted but I also know that it can be difficult finding a good fit when you have a student autism/special needs. I would recommend Gateway Academy in Scottsdale. The school is run by parents of an autistic boy. Gateway is pre-k through 12th grade school. They also have a program for high school graduates that offers an off-campus dorm and provides many levels of support ranging from academic to social. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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