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Good elementary and preschool in North Scottsdale


StacyFL April 18, 2012

My family is moving to the DC Ranch area in June (from California) and we need an elementary school for our son and a preschool for our toddler. Since we're from out of state, I'd really appreciate any advice. Is the public school Copper Ridge good - or is it too big? What preschools should I consider for my daughter? Thanks so much!

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KMSEA1 April 20, 2012

The best way to decide if Copper Ridge will be a good fit for your child is to visit there as soon as you get to town. If you don't like it there are other schools in the area that you can open enroll. Lots of families think Copper Ridge is a fantastic place...Other families not so much...It's really all about your child. Grayhawk is another school that is very close to DC ranch that several families go to. Pinnacle Peak Elementary is close by as well. As far as preschools are concerned. There are a couple that have been around and popular for several years. North Scottsdale Presbyterian and La Casa De Cristo and both excellent. El Dorado private school has a more academic based preschool and is located right next to Grayhawk Elementary. Good luck!

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