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Middle schools in DVUSD,CUSD for High Function mainstream


phoenixmom2 July 16, 2012

i am in desperate need of reference from you all! I have a child who had a terrible year along with very poor teachers in PVUSD . Child is at academic level, has low process delay, lacks pragmatics. Relates well to younger kiddos. He doesn't need self contained , but would benefit from smaller class possible aide. Has IEP and FBA.
He doesn't want to be in a "special " class of course, wants to be as others. Recommendations out in DV or Cave Creek we are new to DVUSD I will take him anywhere that is best. Thanks in advance

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geordust January 28, 2013

Have you looked into charter schools? I know a new school just opened up off of Carefree Highway called Ridgeline Academy. I have had great experiences with my child (SLI and SLD) in a charter school in the West Valley.


mytwoe October 25, 2012

As far as I know, DV does not do self containment for highly functioning students. Cave Creek does. I would probably focus on finding a school in DV. Most the DV schools in north phoenix are K-8. Not sure where you live but Norterra Canyon might be the closest.

Good luck,


vadavis1211 July 18, 2012

Hello Phoenixmom2,
DVUSD is an "A" rated district from the Department of Education 1 of Top 10 Districts in Arizona. Deer Valley offers parents choices including signature programs along with technology in classrooms. I would like the opporutunity to discuss Deer Valley with you, at your convenience. I can be reached at 623-445-5010. Thank you.

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