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Elementary school for gifted child


gengar January 24, 2010


My son is in second grade and very bright. He's in private school now, but we can't afford it anymore. Is there a good charter school for gifted kids? I think he is already a grade ahead in terms of classwork they are doing at his school. Do any Tucson schools let you skip a grade?


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wcedmonds February 12, 2010

Some schools do. If you are looking for a charter school I would recommend the sonoran science academy. They will test your child and place him where he needs to be and they will only except him if he has good scores.
Corbett elementary (a public OMA gold and GATE school) is a good public school. There is a child (rumored) that I am aware of that had skipped 1st grade there. Best of luck


Kerriebeth March 12, 2010

I agree with scedmonds. Any OMA Gold school at TUSD would be great for a student who is gifted. Opening Minds through the Arts teaches children reading, writing, math, science, etc. using music, dance, and visual arts. I've heard Corbett is a great school for this. Van Buskirk is another great OMA Gold school - students at that school also have the option to be in immersion classes, where they learn to speak, read and write Spanish.


Debbs01 April 11, 2010

There are no gifted programs in Tucson; I know because I looked when we arrived. There was one (Gateways) which closed. Some public districts offer GATE which are really only classes for well-behaved students. These are being cut, or reduced to one hour of "enrichment" a week which is the same thing. We chose to go to an independent school which costs more but provides individualized instruction and is at a higher level than any other school in the city. If your son is bright, then he should qualify for financial aid based on merit. I know the International School offers this, so maybe your current school does too. It's worth asking.


jbscrapper September 8, 2010

Look into Academy Del Sol. It's a very small charter school here in town. They are a fine arts school and offer dance and music daily. They have split grade classes 1/2 and 3/4 but they have a unique scheduling (all classes have writing, reading and math) at the same time so that if your child were above his grade level, he would move into the higher grade class for those subjects. If your child was academically ready for a higher grade - he could attend that class - although he would probably be on the roster for his current grade.

My daughter just started kinder there and - its very much like a private school setting - but free! Check them out - I've been very pleased so far.


ACESParent August 1, 2011

Uh.... Tanque Verde School District does have a gifted program for kids K- end of school. I daughter is gifted!


dawn5397 November 4, 2011

The students in the TUSD receive education based on their teachers' perceptions of them and their "inherent" abilities to grasp information. Children are not judged on their capabilities, but rather on preconceptions based on their physical presentations. Students are prejudged and classified based on the color of their skin, not the content of their character or the quality of their intellectual potential. A child can only be considered "gifted" here if they can cross an unspoken Southern barrier.

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