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Research on homework policy


prtyldy August 27, 2009

My child has been come home since the kindergarden with more homework than my 11th.grader.These young kids do not have time to do anything when they get home because they have too much homework.They're too young to be over loaded like this.Where does family time come in at.They really don't have time to relax before going to bed.I feel someone need to look at the big picture.Set some stardards with the age and grade.Can I get some feed back on this research please?

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healthy11 August 28, 2009

Hi. There have been several other discussions on the topic of homework for young children, and the vast majority of people feel as you do. Here's one prior conversation:
My son's elementary school handbook actually said that they followed a recommendation for about 10 minutes of written homework per grade per night, plus always finding some time to read. By that standard, a K-1 student would get about 10 minutes of work, a 3rd grader about 30 minutes, and a 6th grader about an hour. If a child was taking considerably more time than that to accomplish the tasks, parents were encouraged to speak to the teacher or administration....


tjlove August 28, 2009

Here's a great article on the subject titled, "How Much Homework Is Too Much,"

Hope this helps!


TeacherParent August 31, 2009

Get hold of the newest book on the subject called The Myth of Homework by Alfie Kohn - he reviews all the existing research on homework in his book. The End of Homework was the first book on homework and it's still available but Kohn's is the better book between the two.
The long and short of it is that there is no research that finds homework to be a good thing or even a necessary thing.

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