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Third grade learning games and activities

How you can help at home: These games and activities will help your child build academic skills while having fun.

Dolch sight words: third grade

When young readers memorize sight words, they advance in confidence and fluency. Here are the 41 sight words that will improve your third grader's reading skills.

Third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade signs of an LD

How do you know if your child has a learning disability? Learn to read the signs.

Third grade: Helping your child with reading

One simple secret for helping your third grader with reading

Third grade: What your child should know

Keep tabs on your third-grader's development with this handy checklist.

Will My Third-Grader Advance to Fourth Grade?

I have a third-grader who reads at a first- or second-grade level. She might not pass the third grade and that would be a catastrophe! (Self-esteem, embarrassment, defeat). I changed schools this year in the hope that it would help. I am very afraid for...

Our 5 favorite third grade math worksheets

Boost your third grader's math skills with these five fun worksheets!

Our 5 favorite third grade writing worksheets

Could your third grader's writing skills use a boost? Try these fun worksheets!

Our 5 favorite third grade reading worksheets

Since it's all about reading to learn this year, here are 5 ways to boost your child's essential knowledge and comprehension skills.

Third- through fifth-grade: back-to-school supply list

Here's a basic list if you don't have one from your child's school yet.