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Write a Recipe

Writing out a recipes is a fun way to connect language arts skills to daily life for second- and third-graders.

Writing letters

How you can help at home: Writing a letter using a word-processing program helps your child build writing skills.

Writing on the wall

Expert Douglas Reeves says kids aren't learning to write, and it's a disaster in the making.

Summer writing

From making metaphors to writing a news story, these fun summer worksheets will keep writing skills sharp.

Writing a letter

In this set of reading and writing worksheets, your child will read three sample letters, determine who is writing them, make notes about the events, and then write a sample letter back.

Writing an explanation

What's a banana and where does it come from? In this writing worksheet, your child will write an explanatory text about the origins of bananas. Bonus: your child may need to do a little research to write this!

Writing instructions

How do you make a banana split? In this writing worksheet, your child will write instructions for a recipe. Bonus: your child may need to look up a recipe for help.

Assistive technology tools: Writing

Find out how to select assistive technology tools that address your child's specific writing difficulties.

Dysgraphia: Learning disabilities in writing

Learn about this type of learning disability, what the symptoms are, and what strategies can help kids who struggle with it.

Write a "Diamante Poem"

How you can help at home: Have your child write a line poem in the shape of a diamond.