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Our 5 favorite first grade math worksheets

Boost your first grader's math skills with these five fun worksheets!

Your first grader and math

Laying a strong foundation: First graders learn about money, time, and measurements -- and that's not all.

Your first grader and math

Laying strong foundations: First graders learn about money, time, measurements, and more.

Math tips for every grade

Too many kids get math-phobic as they get older. Here's how to keep your child passionate about math from kindergarten through high school.

Our 3 favorite math worksheets for each grade

Ignite your child's passion for math - while boosting real skills - with our favorite math worksheets for preschoolers through fifth graders.

First grade learning games and activities

How you can help at home: These games and activities will help your first grader master important academic skills while having fun.

First- and second-grade signs of an LD

How do you know if your child has a learning disability? Learn to read the signs.

Star math

In this coloring math worksheet, your child will practice simple addition and subtraction problems with numbers 1 to 10.

First grade: What your child should know

Keep tabs on your first-grader's development with this handy checklist.

The incredible true story of the first grader with 40 grades on his report card

We did a double-take at the dizzying number of grades on our 6-year-old's report card — and then we saw the three oddball scales they're using and really got confused.