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Health and the hood

Is the newfangled American dream (yes media room, no main street) hurting the very families it is designed to protect?

Ask the Experts about preschoolers

Find answers to your questions about learning problems and school-related behavior.

How important is play in preschool?

As preschools strengthen their academic focus, play maintains a vital role.

Is It Normal To Have Cliques in Preschool?

My daughter already seems to be forming a clique with two of her girlfriends at preschool. Every day, they seek each other out, and they play with each other almost exclusively. They don't shun other kids, but they also don't invite them to play along...

My preschooler is not participating in activities

My 4-year-old is enrolled in a summer activity, and the teacher informed me that she has not been participating in some of the games. She stands with her arms crossed and will not play. This is not the first time this has happened. I...

Inside the preschooler's brain

What insights can neuroscience offer parents about the mind of a preschooler?

Playing It Safe: Preschool Playground Guidelines

Preschoolers and playgrounds just go together - here's how to make sure your school's yard is hazard-free.

How to prepare your child for preschool

Six ways to ease your child's transition into preschool.

My preschooler plays after bedtime

My 3-year-old has discovered that if he is quiet he can play in his room after we have put him to bed. We go in numerous times to put him back to bed and scold him, but he continues to do this. This has...

How to tell if your child is happy at preschool

Is your child having problems at school? Find out the warning signs.