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Is My Child Too Immature for Second Grade?

My 7-year-old is very chatty in class. Academically he is strong in all the subjects but refuses to be quiet and is disruptive in class at times. I've tried removing his toys and rewarding him when he is good, but he always returns to...

Inside the second grader's brain

What insights can neuroscience offer parents about the mind of a second grader?

Ask the Experts about second-graders

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

How Can I Help My Second-Grader With Separation Anxiety?

Please help! My 7-year-old son started second grade three weeks ago. Every morning when we get out of the car he cries and doesn't want to go to school. He says it's because he will miss me and wants to stay at home with...

My Second-Grader Won't Follow Directions

My grandson yells at me when I tell him to do something (homework, change his clothes, eat, almost anything). He is very upset when I'm not around him, so it's not that he doesn't like being with me. I just don't know how to stop...

Your child and technology: what your second grader needs to know

Your second grader will learn to use technology tools like email and simple graphing software.

My Child Doesn't Care About Her Grades

My daughter has no motivation to do well in school. She loves going to school and loves math and science. But when it comes to getting good grades or even completing homework, she couldn't care less. Whenever I try to help her with her homework...

Get Moving

How You Can Help at Home: Skipping is more than child's play. It's crucial for development. Here's how parents can help.

Smart money: 7 ways to raise a financially literate child

With schools focused on core subjects, there isn't a lot of room for teaching financial literacy. If you want your child to be smart about money, it's up to you.

Play ball

How you can help at home: Practicing catching, bouncing, and kicking skills helps to build coordination and readiness for future sports teams.