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Helping out with homework

Four tricks for making homework easier.

How to help your child with homework

Six tips for helping your child study at home.

How Can I Help My Child with Homework?

My child is absolutely ecstatic about going to kindergarten, or "big kid" school as she refers to it. However, we are having a problem with her weekly homework assignment. She refuses to adhere to the guidelines of her assignments. For example she will...

Help your child develop good homework habits

Three simple steps to make your child's homework happen.

How Can I Help My Grandson With Math Homework?

My grandson is in fifth grade and I am struggling to help him with math homework. I'm 52 and frankly some of the work I have never seen before. How can I help him properly?

Homework resisters

Have school evenings become a brutal battleground? Here's how to transform any type of homework hater into a homework hero.

Homework chart

Motivate your child with this homework chart.

Coping with homework horrors

7 helpful tips for tackling homework with a minimum of tears.

Does homework really work?

After decades spent trying to assess the value of homework, researchers still argue over the simplest findings.

The case against homework

The founder of Stop Homework argues the unfathomable: that common educational practices are cheating our kids out of a real education.