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Identifying Learning Problems in Adopted Children

When adopted kids struggle in school, clues from their past and present can help pinpoint the cause.

Learning disabilities: An overview

Learning disabilities: What are they and what should you watch for?

Learning Disabilities in Children: An Overview

An expert explains what a learning disability is and isn't -- and describes the signs to watch for in kids of different ages.

Learning disabilities and educational testing

An interview with a school psychologist.

The myth of a quick fix for learning disabilities

Can learning disabilities be cured? Why are some programs and therapies for LD considered controversial? Learn how to be a wise consumer.

Questions to ask specialists who evaluate for learning disabilities

If you want to have your child privately tested for a learning disability, here are some key questions to ask the specialists you're considering. Asks: What Is It Like to Have a Learning Disability?

A young man with learning difficulties shares his personal story, in hopes of helping other kids still struggling in school.

Helping Children From Other Cultures With Possible Learning Disabilities

Do you know a child from another culture who you suspect may have a learning disability? If so, learn how to approach the situation in a smart, sensitive way.

Signs of a learning problem

Worried your child has special learning needs? Check that homework.

Detecting learning problems in your child

Six areas parents should focus on when assessing their kids.