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What to expect in preschool: math

Sharing pretzels and building block towers: preschool math means recognizing that numbers and patterns are part of everyday life.

Top-10 high-tech math tutors

These guilt-free video games, software, and phone apps allow kids to indulge their gaming habits while pumping up their math muscles.

Our 3 favorite math worksheets for each grade

Ignite your child's passion for math - while boosting real skills - with our favorite math worksheets for preschoolers through fifth graders.

Top 10 high-tech math tutors

In the old days -- you know, a couple of years ago -- video games were the beeping, pinging distractions that got in the way of homework. Now iPhones, Nintendo, and the Web are homework. Recently the realm of edu-technology has exploded with a wide variety of...

Math skills 4: Sorting games for kids

Teach grouping and sorting with everyday activities.

Our 5 favorite preK math worksheets

Boost your preschooler's math skills with these five fun worksheets!

How to use sports to help your child's math skills

Watching sports together is a great way to practice math.

Math skills 1: Help your child learn counting and numbers

Fun ways to help your child learn the basics of counting and recognizing numbers.

Math skills 2: Help your child learn shapes

Introduce your kindergartner about the basics of geometry.

Math skills 3: Help your child learn about patterns

Help your child see patterns everywhere you go.