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My Kindergartner Doesn't Apply Himself

My kindergartner is very bright. His teacher thinks he should be tested for gifted status. The problem is he hates to work and does not apply himself. He is reading well beyond kindergarten level and loves to read multiple books with me in the evening...

Screen-free week

Are your kids spending too much time sitting glassy-eyed in front of a screen? Are you? Here's how to turn it off.

The power of play

As children slog though grueling schedules of enrichment and academics, researchers have found a connection between brain development and the very thing kids are getting less of.

Reading tips for every grade

Expert tricks to improve your Kindergartner through 5th grader’s reading.

Everyday ways to teach math and sharing

Teach kids about sharing and math with these easy tips.

Three simple steps to boost school success

Three surprisingly easy ways to help your child succeed.

Help your child set learning goals

Teach kids they can achieve big things by taking small daily actions.