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Does our approach to teaching math fail even the smartest kids?

Here’s why the math education your children need is most likely not what their school is teaching.

Your kindergartner’s reading under the Common Core Standards

Reading is all about developing knowledge, which is something kindergartners do all year long – even while they’re learning their ABCs.

Frijole formula

Help your kindergartner build math skills with this bean-counting activity.

What to expect in first grade

Learn about what to expect for your child in first grade.

10 books that celebrate diversity for young readers

Give preschoolers and kindergartners a glimpse of the wonderfully wide world with these captivating reads celebrating life and culture from Alaska to Bolivia – and beyond.

How to roll fun and learning into summer

28 easy activities to build on preschool skills and get your child ready for kindergarten

How Can I Help My Child with Homework?

My child is absolutely ecstatic about going to kindergarten, or "big kid" school as she refers to it. However, we are having a problem with her weekly homework assignment. She refuses to adhere to the guidelines of her assignments. For example she will...

How Can I Help My Left-Handed Child?

How do you help a left-handed child with various fine motor skills like cutting correctly (she cuts very awkwardly), and writing (she writes mirror image)? Is it purely developmental, or should I be encouraging her to turn it around? Lefties think differently as well, and...

Is my kindergartner expected to read?

What is the developmentally appropriate expectation for kindergartners with regard to reading? I have a 6-year-old boy who is in kindergarten. He knows his letters and the sounds of each letter. He is making progress blending the sounds and reading words. He is not...

My Kindergartner Reverses His Letters

My son reverses some of his letters. Should I point this out to him, or is this just part of learning to write? How can I help him to write the letters the correct way?