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How to praise elementary schoolers

The right (and wrong) way to cheer on your third- through fifth-grader.

Word up

A bestselling author offers five techniques to blast through resistance and teach kids to write.

Helping your child learn math at home

Easy ways to improve your child's math skills.

Schooling: Learning doesn't have to stop when school is out

7 ways to keep your child learning during the summer

5 tips to teach kids to keep track of their time

Kids who manage their own time do better in school.

Learning goal chart

Use this Learning Goal Chart to help your child aim high at school.

Beach Ball Math

How you can help at home: Try this game to help your child with basic addition and subtraction facts.

Mad Money

How you can help at home: Here's a game that will help your child learn money basics.

Math's a beach

Learn math by playing catch.

Where in the World?

How you can help at home: Use a laminated map to help your child learn where current events are taking place and build social studies skills.