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How Can I Get My Child to Stop Lying?

How does one get a child to stop telling lies, for example denying she took something from someone else, and just boldly lying about it? It's so difficult when one doesn't have actual proof but knows from past experience the child is deliberately lying, and...

My Fifth-Grader Lies About His Homework

My son is not completing or doing his homework but what is more upsetting is the fact that he is coming up with clever ways of concealing and destroying the teacher's note. He is also being dishonest regarding completing homework. This is not like him...

How Can I Get My Child to Care?

My second-grader only tries hard when he knows he will be rewarded. When he does not get the reward because of misbehaving he just loses interest and no longer cares. How can I get him to care about his work?

How Do I Teach My Child It's OK to Lose?

My second-grade daughter is very bright. She reads at almost the fifth-grade level. The problem is that she is so hard on herself! She is often upset if she doesn't win at a math game and it can ruin her whole day. Despite encouragement at...

My Child Has Spelling Test Anxiety

How can I help my fifth-grader overcome "spelling test anxiety?" When we review the words at home (verbally and written) he spells them all correctly. At school, over 50% are wrong. In all other subjects, (math etc.) he does excellent work.

My Son Hates His Algebra Teacher

I have a ninth grader who is failing his algebra class. He tells me that he hates the teacher. He hates the way she dresses. He hates the way she looks. I have met with her several times and we both are frustrated. I can't...

What teachers know

Great tips from great teachers that can make a difference for your child.

High expectations help kids reach goals

Your high expectations will encourage your child to work harder.

Carol Dweck on the difference between a fixed and growth mindset

World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck explains the core idea behind "Mindset," her breakthrough book on how to truly motivate kids.

Umoja's children

Tales of surprising success from at-risk high schoolers in Chicago.