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Resources to help gifted students

Check out these useful links to learn about appropriate curriculum for gifted students and how to support your gifted child.

Help! My Child Hates Reading

My son seems to be having difficulty with the transition from phonics (knowing the sounds that letters make) to actually sounding out words. It just has not "clicked yet," and his reading homework easily frustrates him. Homework sessions quickly degenerate into him crying...

My Child Needs Help With Writing

My daughter has a hard time getting her ideas down on paper. She can tell me the story, but what ends up on paper is missing a lot of information. When I have her read it back and ask about the details she says "...

Tips for helping your child with writing assignments

Written language may be the most difficult form of language expression. For children with LD, it can be a serious challenge. Learn how to support your child in this important subject.

How a Computer Helped My Son With Writing

Read the story of how the quality and quantity of one boy's school work improved — along with his self-confidence -- by using a computer.

Helping a Child Manage a Long-Term School Project

One family's story of helping their son plan and complete a long-term school project -- despite the challenges of having AD/HD and dividing his time between his divorced parents' homes.

How one mom helped improve student writing

Getting Involved: Karen Wiederholt started an afterschool writing workshop for kids who need extra help.

Help! My Child Got 4 Fs

I just came from an unsuccessful parent-teacher conference. Here's my story: Yesterday my really smart child comes home in tears and says "Mom, I got 4 F's." We sit down, she says she doesn't understand the instructions. These are her first F's in...

How Do I Help My Child With Writing?

Please help me to come up with ways to help my daughter with writing. She reads at the fifth-grade level, but she struggles with writing. She can tell stories verbally, but when it comes to putting it on paper, she has problems. How can I...

Help! My Child Makes Careless Mistakes

My second-grade son tends to zip through his work at school, thus making careless mistakes. He is a bright kid who knows the material; however, he is typically the first one finished and does not take time to proof his work. His math grade on...