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Junior journalists can get their start with a homegrown publication.

It's not just for Oprah: Book clubs for kids

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7 Things to Tell the Teacher About Your Child

When your child heads back to school, it's a great time to start talking with his teacher.

Is your child being tracked in math?

The answer is likely yes – even if you don’t know what track your child’s on, where it’s leading, or what it means for your child’s education.

Ten ways to jump-start college planning

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Help Your Child Manage Procrastination

Does your child start school assignments too late and struggle to finish on time? Here's how you can help your student with time management.

Internet safety for kids

Make sure your child is safe online by following these easy guidelines.

5 ways to boost your child's brainpower

Kids understand that to get stronger, they need to work their muscles with regular exercise. Teach them the brain is like a muscle that can also be "worked out."

When should kids start kindergarten?

Redshirting kindergarten - holding kids back to start school later - is increasingly popular. But does redshirting help, or hurt, a child? The research may surprise you.

What teachers look for in new kindergartners

Seven ways to get your child ready for school.