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Putting the stand back in understanding

Can a new classroom design help kids keep fit while learning?

Sexual behavior: what teens learn from media

If you don't talk to your kids about your own values and expectations about sex, the main input they'll get is from the media. Here are some guidelines to help you.

Should I Push My 10th-Grader to Play Sports?

My oldest daughter doesn't want to get involved in sports. She is in the 10th grade and I keep telling her, if you don't try things out now you are going to regret it when you get older and you will wish you had done...

Need Help With the Morning Routine

I struggle with getting my child to school in the morning. What routine works best so he will dress himself and come downstairs and eat a good breakfast? We already pick his clothes out the night before. Is this a good age to start using...

Extreme makeover: green schools edition

Put an environmental spin on your kids' education with these eco-friendly tips for schools.

The 5 most dangerous sports for girls

Girls' sports are on the rise. But as more of them step into a saddle, lace up skates, or put on a jersey, sports-related injuries are spiraling out of control.

The 5 most dangerous sports for boys

While team sports help keep boys healthy and active, there are also dangers. Learn which sports are the riskiest - and how to keep your son safe.

Teens and drugs by the numbers

Wish you knew what to worry about? We've sifted through the scary stats to get the lowdown on trends in youth drug abuse. Here's what you need to know to help your child.

Trick 'em out of those treats

Parents share their dark secrets about how they pry all that Halloween candy from their children's clutches.

Three simple steps to boost school success

Three surprisingly easy ways to help your child succeed.