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It's autumn: Walk in the leaves

A colorful season gives your preschooler a chance to learn about leaves.

What's the scoop?

Junior journalists can get their start with a homegrown publication.

Make a scene

When books begin to seem like hard work, dioramas help bring their magic to life.

Food memory bank

Use meals to explore your family's cultural roots with your middle-schooler.

Color and shape abstract art

How you can help at home: In this activity your child explores different shapes to create abstract art.

Make a Paper Quilt

How you can help at home: This activity teaches math skills and creative problem solving.

Word up

Boost your child's writing ability with Caption Madness.

Custom-designed ABCs

Personalized alphabet books turn a ho-hum read into a page-turner.

Putting your town on the map

Give your little one the bigger picture by mapping out a kid-friendly landscape.

Starry, starry night

The night sky offers hours of entertainment for aspiring astronomers.