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If video games could make us better

A new app aims to impart social-emotional skills, via purging dark energy, dog and cat politics, and deep breathing.

10 Mindful Minutes

Goldie Hawn's new parenting book tackles the task of teaching EQ to children.

Teaching kids to be resilient

Does your child tackle obstacles optimistically, or do pitfalls stop him in his tracks? Here's how changing your child's self-talk can make all the difference.

There's an app for that feeling

New tech tool helps kids and parents regulate a rainbow of emotions to build their EQ.

My child is getting teased about wearing glasses

My daughter just got glasses, and kids are already being mean to her. For the first time in her life, she has low self-esteem. She says that she's ugly and that everyone says she looks better without glasses. Any ideas on how I can handle...

How Can I Help My Fifth-Grader Make a Smooth Transition?

We are moving to a new city in the fall due to my work, and I am concerned about the transition for my daughter. She has a solid group of friends here and she likes her school. Do you have any suggestions to make the...

How do I stop my child from teasing other kids?

How do I stop my third-grade son from teasing and bothering others at the bus stop?

My Daughter Is Being Excluded

My daughter is in the second grade and is having problems with some girls at the school excluding her from playing with them. It seems to be one girl, who gets other girls to do what she says. I have talked to the teacher several...

Should I Let My Child Quit?

My daughter just told me that she wants to quit her soccer team. She said this through tears, then went on to explain that, in her opinion, she's not good enough to play on the team. Apparently, the coach yelled at her in front of...

How Can I Get My Child to Share?

My son is 5 years old, and he has a terrible time sharing. He gets upset when he isn't in control while playing with other kids. I've tried to teach him about sharing, but he doesn't get it. Are there any techniques out there that...