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Overcoming Dyslexia: A Chat With Dr. Sally Shaywitz

In 2003, hosted an online chat with Sally Shaywitz, M.D., where participants asked her questions about dyslexia and reading problems in children.

Home Alone: Leaving Your Teen With LD and/or AD/HD Unsupervised

If leaving your teen unsupervised raises special concerns, these strategies may help manage the risks.

Dr. Bruce Hirsch Talks with Parents About Kids' Anxiety

A therapist helps parents sort through their children's anxiety symptoms and suggests effective ways to respond.

Response-to-Intervention: An Emerging Method for LD Identification

Widespread dissatisfaction with the discrepancy method for identifying learning disabilities has spurred new ideas.

Expert Answers Guide: Understanding AD/HD - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Management, and Myths

Download this informative guide to AD/HD by psychologist Sam Goldstein.

Keeping Licensed Teen Drivers With AD/HD Safe: Parent Strategies

Dr. Marlene Snyder offers parents practical tips to help newly licensed teen drivers stay safe.

Understanding the Results of Psychoeducational Testing

Confused by the complex test scores from your child's psychoeducational testing? Author and parent Kim Glenchur explains how to understand and interpret them.

It Worked: 9-Year-Old Plays a Role in His Own Success

One mother explains how her son with AD/HD had trouble working in small groups at school -- and how she found a strategy to help him succeed.

Auditory Processing Disorder in Children

Find out what is understood about diagnosing and treating Auditory Processing Disorder - and what research is still underway.

On Their Own: Sage Advice for Parents

In a poignant passage from her book, mother and heiress Ann Ford reflects on the lifelong realities of raising a child with learning disabilities.