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Madeline Levine pushing young kids too early

Using flash cards at age 1. Teaching kids to read at 3. Pushing students to get ahead of the curve in early elementary. Does any of this even help our kids academically?

Madeline Levine: When your child says, "I hate you!"

"Disagreement is tolerated. Disrespect is not." Psychologist Madeline Levine on what to do when your child utters these three dagger-to-the-heart words.

Richard Weissbourd on "I hate you!"

Kids will "go through moments when they are really angry and hate their parents," says Harvard psychologist Richard Weissbourd. But saying it doesn't make it OK.

Christine Carter on "I hate you!"

“When somebody says something so hurtful, your response is going to be... 'I hate you, too,'” says "Raising Happiness" author Christine Carter. But whatever you do, don't go there, she adds. Take this approach, instead.

Madeline Levine on "I hate homework!"

When it comes to homework troubles, the famed psychologist and "The Price of Privilege" author cautions parents against coming to your child's rescue.

Sh*tty Moms on "My teacher hates me!"

"Maybe it's a good thing if your teacher says that," says Mary Ann Zoellner, co-author - with Alicia Ybarbo - of the book "Sh*tty Mom." Here's their anti feel-good response.

Sh*tty Mom on "I don't want to go to school!"

Let's face it, says "Sh*tty Mom" co-author Mary Ann Zoellner, school exists to get kids out of the house. Here's her tough-love, no-truancy approach to make sure they go.

Christine Carter on "I don't want to go to school!"

"Raising Happiness" author Christine Carter says the secret isn't to elevate the drama. For better results, do this instead.

Ever feel like you're going to lose your cool with your kid?

TV's "America's Supernanny" Deborah Tillman says it happens to every parent. It's a matter of knowing how to turn off the switch and stop yourself before things turn ugly.

Madeline Levine: when your kid says "Nobody likes me!"

"Don't jump in too fast!" warns Madeline Levine, author of "Teach Your Children Well." Take this approach instead so your child learns to navigate friendships.