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Spending far from equal among state's school districts, analysis finds

California districts spend wildly different amounts per student.

Third- through fifth-grade: back-to-school supply list

Here's a basic list if you don't have one from your child's school yet.

Should I send my child to a single-sex school?

Learn more about single-sex schools, and what advocates and detractors say. Then decide for yourself.

Parent cliques: how to handle them at your child's school

What to do when you feel left out of the "in" crowd at your child's school? Follow the advice of the experts: moms and dads who've been in the trenches and made it work.

California’s most improved school districts 2012: Spotlight on Whittier

What makes a whole school district improve? Any superintendent will tell you it’s not easy. So when we calculated how high this California district has risen in just three years, we had to find out why.

What parents don't know about school violence

By law, schools are required to report violent incidents and states are required to make that information public. Few states are following this mandate.

How Can I Help Ease the Transition to Middle School?

My child will be going into sixth grade. Could you please tell me what I can do so as to make the transition easier? He is an honor student and is already thinking about college. Is there any way that I can help him to...

Help my child adjust to a new school after a separation

How do I help my daughter adjust to a new school after a separation? I am a newly separated, single mom of a 6-year-old. Unfortunately, as well as dealing with the separation, we are moving and she will have to start a new school...

How Can I Get My Child Excited About School?

My daughter states she hates school and cannot understand why anyone would like to go to school. We have talked to her about how learning is needed to succeed in life, that knowledge is important, and how she is lucky to be able to go...

Get your child ready for middle school 1: Reading, math, and writing

Middle school is a big step. Make sure your child is ready.