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Bright Ideas for Divorced Parents

When we asked our readers how divorced parents can help their kids succeed in school, they responded with many thoughtful comments.

Tips for teaching generosity: Middle-schoolers

An expert in getting kids to see the point of giving offers tips for teaching preteens the gift of generosity.

Tips for teaching generosity: High schoolers

An expert on getting kids to see the point in giving offers strategies for teaching teens the gift of generosity.

Don't just exercise: Hop! Gallop! Side-slide!

Help your child stay active by teaching locomotor skills.

Selfish secrets of parental involvement

Does volunteering in the classroom make your child smarter?

The great Thanksgiving feast debate

Are school celebrations a valuable teaching tool or a waste of time and money?

Bright Ideas from Our Readers: Family Fitness

A family bike ride or walk in the neighborhood are easy ways to stay fit together.

Are we stressing out our kids?

Stressed out, over-scheduled, hurried: These words are often used to describe children these days.

Fruit Pops

Make homemade pops with fresh fruit!

Superhero play: Is it cause for concern?

Superhero play is a natural activity for preschoolers within certain limits.