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Best ways to support writing at home

How you can help at home: Support your child with these writing strategies.

Take a Reading Journey

In this activity, your child will read about people and their customs in other countries.

Internet survival tips for parents and teachers

Here's how to make sure your child is Internet smart and Internet safe.

What the media is selling to kids

Children are bombarded by advertising everywhere they turn. Helping kids understand how advertising works can help protect them from being exploited by advertisers.

Violence and aggression: media mayhem affects kids

By the time kids enter middle school, they will have seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 more acts of violence on broadcast TV alone. And studies show it affects their behavior.

Write a menu

Try this fun exercise next time you go out to eat to help build language skills with your fourth- or fifth-grader.

All homeworked out?

Parents sound off on finding the right balance between hitting the books and breaking out the board games in households increasingly pressed for time.

Learning Vacations at National Parks

Take your family to a national park.

Is Your Child Ready for College Math?

Help your high school student gain the necessary math skills to succeed in college and beyond.

Stop the math madness for your tween

Even if you don't crunch numbers with your breakfast cereal, you can teach your middle-schooler how math fits into everyday life skills and ways to get homework done.