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I'm worried about my child's speech skills

My daughter's speech is not quite where I think it should be. She has a tendency to say things backward like, "Mom, can I get some towel paper?" or she'll say "What should I wear on?" instead of saying "wear...

My Kindergartner Doesn't Apply Himself

My kindergartner is very bright. His teacher thinks he should be tested for gifted status. The problem is he hates to work and does not apply himself. He is reading well beyond kindergarten level and loves to read multiple books with me in the evening...

How Can I Help My Son Learn the Alphabet?

My son does not seem to be able to recognize letters of the alphabet as expected. His teachers say that he is behind in class. At home if I ask him to point out a specific letter he can do it. If I show him...

My Child Is Not Challenged

My kindergartner has two years of preschool behind her. She has been writing, reading and counting to 100. She knows her address and her phone number. I got her first progress report today and the last thing it said is that she could count to...

My Kindergartner Hates Doing Homework

My son is in kindergarten and he already hates doing his homework. He cries and whines about it. I tried rewarding him with chocolate but I don't want to have to bribe him to do his homework. How can I motivate him or make it...

Science and nature books for kindergartners

Discover the many facets of life on earth with an award-winning photographer's take on dirt, an exploration of corn's cultural history, and a stunning photo-essay of one colorful chameleon. This book list will encourage kindergartners to ask questions about the science behind the everyday and...

All about friends

New schools and new environments can present challenges for making friends, but we value our friends for a reason, and kindergartners will appreciate this list of books, all packed with wisdom on the timeless theme of friendship.

Humor books for kindergartners

Help your child try on wings like Lulu the Ladybug Girl or read silly verse in these fun books for the kindergarten set.

Beach reads for tykes

Start off your youngster's summer reading list with a boisterous flock of penguins.

Word games for families

Look for license plates or get rhyming with these summer word games.