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What not to do on the first day of school

Think you're supremely unprepared for the fall grind? Think again. Chances are you've got some competition from the Mayhem family. Check out our expert tips to avoid your own back-to-school nightmare.

Bright ideas from readers: Test-taking tips

GreatSchools parents share how they help their kids squash test stress.

Help Your Tween or Teen Get Smart About Tests

Here's how you can help your child succeed on tests and make sure that tests are tools for learning at school.

Answering Obama's call?

Parents as the nation's education stimulus package

Helping Kids With Learning Difficulties Cope With Loss

Learn how do tragedy and grief can affect kids with learning difficulties -- and how you can help them cope.

The Relationship between Giftedness and Learning Problems in Children

A child who excels in some areas and lags in others requires special assessment — and extra care.

Self-esteem in children

How self-esteem and its various definitions affects all aspects of a child's life -- especially in kids with learning difficulties.

How can parents foster self-esteem in their children?

Dr. Robert Brooks describes research-based strategies that can help you nurture competence and resilience in your child.

How Can Teachers Foster Self-Esteem in Children?

Teachers play an important role in nurturing a student's sense of dignity and self-worth.

Jonathan Mooney on Goal Setting and Motivation in Teens With LD or AD/HD

This Ivy League scholar, author, and speaker has severe dyslexia and beat the odds for success. Learn how he stayed motivated and set goals for himself.