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Your fourth grader and reading

In fourth grade, children read across subject areas, thereby building more complex research and analytical skills.

Your first grader and math

Laying strong foundations: First graders learn about money, time, measurements, and more.

Your second grader and math

Building on the basics, second graders should be able to add, count, write whole numbers up to 1,000, and much more.

Summer writing

From making metaphors to writing a news story, these fun summer worksheets will keep writing skills sharp.

Summer numbers

Multiply the learning and the fun with these summer math worksheets.

Your kindergartner and math

Object lessons: Kindergartners kick-start math with blocks, bottle caps, and dice.

Your first grader and reading

First graders learn new ways to sound out words and decode their meanings.

Your second grader and reading

As second graders become more adept at reading, they begin to tackle short chapter books and basic research projects.

Your third grader and math

Facts, facts, and more facts! In addition to drilling those times tables, third graders focus on math facts rather than fancy ideas.

Your fourth grader and math

Real numbers in the real world: Fourth grade math emphasizes applying what kids know and knowing what they apply.