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How Can I Help My Child With Reading?

I have a second-grader who is not reading at grade level. He has struggled since he has been in school. When I talk to the school the first thing they say is to retain him. I am against retaining him because he is the biggest...

My Child Needs Help with Mental Math

My daughter needs help with math. She comprehends math concepts. But she has a hard time doing mental math and still counts on her fingers. Her grades are fine in math, but I am concerned that as math gets more difficult she will struggle.

How do I help a struggling reader?

My first-grader is struggling with reading. She did not score very well on her beginning of the year assessment and it seems that has discouraged her from wanting to try to read. I think this is also making her dislike school. We are reading with...

Help! Writing is torture for my third-grader

I have a very intelligent third grader. He takes an advanced curriculum and does very well on his tests. However, my husband and I do most of the organizing for him, review his assignments and ensure his work is done. The math, science and reading...

How Can I Help With Reading Comprehension?

My first-grader is having problems with reading comprehension. We received a letter from the school stating that he may not be promoted to second grade because he is not reaching the right levels and goals for his school and grade. I must say they have...

How Can I Help My Child With Sequencing?

In the fourth-grade class, students read one-and-a-half pages of a story of history. After reading, they must put a list of eight things from the story in sequential order. My son is not able to do well in this area and it has affected his...

Help your child make and reach goals

Giving kids a sense of purpose is easy with our four-step plan.

Help your child with multi-digit addition problems

Learn two easy ways to solve multi-digit addition problems.

How Parents Can Help Older Kids With Reading Problems

Do you have an older child who struggles with reading? An expert explains how you can help him improve his literacy skills.

How can I help my teen learn to write better?

I am concerned about my daughter who is 15 and a high school junior. She is currently working on a term paper. I feel my daughter does not write as well as she should. The paper appears to be choppy with run-on sentences. What should...