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Kids' thoughts about moving to the next grade in school

With insight and humor, kids describe their feelings about moving into the upper elementary grades.

Tips for Shifting from School Year to Summer Break

Transitioning from school to summer can be tough on the family. These practical tips can help everyone shift gears as summer approaches!

Financial help for parents of kids with LD and AD/HD

Raising a child with a learning disability can be expensive. Learn about resources that might help defray some of the costs.

Brain Research, Reading and Dyslexia

Pioneering pediatricians describe what brain research can teach parents and professionals about dyslexia.

Passionate Economist Finds Strength and Humanity in Her Dyslexia

Top economist Diane Swonk reflects on how having dyslexia has made her stronger - and more human.

Universal Design for Learning - Improved Access for All

Learn about a cutting-edge classroom approach, based in computer technology, that helps all kids learn better.

Success outside of school

Help your child experience success and self-esteem in activities beyond the school walls.

Questions to Ask Tutors if Your Child Has LD

Asking the right questions can help you find the right tutor

Questions to ask professionals who diagnose or treat AD/HD

Knowing what questions to ask -- about AD/HD diagnosis, treatment, and even insurance coverage -- is the key to getting the answers you need.

The Value of Parent-Teacher Collaboration

One mother explains how her role shifted from adversary to advocate as she found a more effective way to deal with her son's school.