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Carol Dweck on "I'm bad at math!"

Stanford researcher and "Mindset" author Carol Dweck says when kids come to you with this common refrain, respond using a powerful word that changes everything.

Deborah Tillman on "I'm bad at math!"

TV's "Supernanny" Deborah Tillman says that when a child is struggling with math - or any subject - parents need to step in quickly to help. Here's how.

Erica Reischer on "I'm bad at math!"

Instead of focusing on whether they're 'good" or "bad" at something, help kids see the value of hard work, advises parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer.

Richard Weissbourd on "But Dad lets me do it!"

“Are you on the same highway with your partner?” asks “The Parents We Mean to Be” author Richard Weissbourd. If not, make sure you get there to avoid constant conflict.

Bruce Feiler on "You're not the boss of me!"

"The Secrets of Happy Families" author Bruce Feiler offers this magic bullet to avoid confrontation over this childish quip - one that makes everybody, yes, happy.

Sh*tty Moms on "You're not the boss of me!"

That sass will not be tolerated, say "Sh*tty Moms" co-authors Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner. Here's their take-no-prisoners advice for such disrespect.

Richard Weissbourd on "You're not the boss of me!"

"The Parents We Mean to Be" author Richard Weissbourd advises parents to use this comment as a moment to step back and reconsider what's gone amiss.

Christine Carter on "You're not the boss of me!"

The "Raising Happiness" author and parenting expert says the more you let your kids be the boss, the less you're likely to hear this complaint.

Richard Weissbourd on "Mom, what's wrong with him?"

It’s a question that makes parents cringe, but the author of "The Parents We Mean to Be" says to treat the moment with compassion to avoid making the situation worse.

Get your child to do their chores, without the nagging

"It sounds really mean and tough," admits parenting coach Christine Carter... but it works. Here's her secret for getting kids to do their chores and take more responsibility.