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Carol Dweck on the "gifted curse"

Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck explains why the smartest kids sometimes fail.

Christine Carter: when your child says "Nobody likes me!"

Parenting expert and "Raising Happiness" author Christine Carter says parents make a big mistake if they rush in to reassure their child. Take an entirely different approach.

Lenore Skenazy on free-range kids

Should parents let their child ride a bus alone in a big city? Lenore Skenazy talks about what could happen when you let your kid take such a big risk.

Why kids who know how to lose get way ahead

Bestselling author Po Bronson explains why kids who are afraid of losing are at risk of never really succeeding.

Johanna Stein on "Mom, what's wrong with him?"

"It's OK. The legs are in the closet." A series of unfortunate events followed when the comedienne’s daughter asked this question. Here’s how she responded.

Carol Dweck on "I'm bad at math!"

Stanford researcher and "Mindset" author Carol Dweck says when kids come to you with this common refrain, respond using a powerful word that changes everything.

Deborah Tillman on "I'm bad at math!"

TV's "Supernanny" Deborah Tillman says that when a child is struggling with math - or any subject - parents need to step in quickly to help. Here's how.

Erica Reischer on "I'm bad at math!"

Instead of focusing on whether they're 'good" or "bad" at something, help kids see the value of hard work, advises parent coach and psychologist Erica Reischer.

Richard Weissbourd on "But Dad lets me do it!"

“Are you on the same highway with your partner?” asks “The Parents We Mean to Be” author Richard Weissbourd. If not, make sure you get there to avoid constant conflict.

Bruce Feiler on "You're not the boss of me!"

"The Secrets of Happy Families" author Bruce Feiler offers this magic bullet to avoid confrontation over this childish quip - one that makes everybody, yes, happy.