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Bright Ideas from our Readers: Successful Conferences

GreatSchools' readers share their tips for productive parent-teacher conferences.

What to expect in preschool: the classroom

Find out what you may see in a preschool classroom, from a dramatic-play area to a water table.

No More Dodge Ball: What's New In PE?

Elementary school physical education used to be made up of dodge ball and annual fitness tests. At a number of schools today, it's being reinvented.

Your kindergartner and art

Kindergartners create a lot of art. They learn the vocabulary of art and elements of art.

Testing in Oklahoma: An Overview

A GreatSchools guide to standardized tests

How to get extra support from your school

After-school tutoring and conflict resolution are just two of the many ways schools can address the diverse needs of students.

Top 5 Family Travel Tips

Use these tips on your next family vacation.

Help Your Tween or Teen Get Smart About Tests

Here's how you can help your child succeed on tests and make sure that tests are tools for learning at school.

Can MySpace Be Good for Teens?

As teens continue to flock to sites like MySpace, and the backlash from parents and the media fades, it's time to take a fresh look at social networking.

Speed spelling

How you can help at home: Try this fun word-building activity that the whole family can play.