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A Teacher's Formula to Build Self-Esteem in Kids With LD

A teacher of students with learning disabilities (LD) describes how she encourages good behavior, provides information about LD, builds skills, and values uniqueness in her students.

Building My Son's Self-Esteem

When my child was identified with LD, I worried about how I was going to build and maintain his self-esteem.

Discovering Nolan's Abilities

Meet a young boy with dyslexia whose hobby involves plumbing equipment and learn how his mom helps him focus on his strengths and maintain a positive outlook. 

Self-Advocacy: A Valuable Skill for Your Teenager With LD

If your teen has a learning disability, self-awareness and self-advocacy are keys to her future success.

The great Thanksgiving feast debate

Are school celebrations a valuable teaching tool or a waste of time and money?

Dr. Hallowell Talks to Teens: Do You Feel Worried or Sad?

Dr. Edward Hallowell speaks honestly to teens with LD and AD/HD about depression and anxiety. In this article, he shares his personal and professional insights.

Talkin' 'bout the birds and the bees

Everything you wanted to know about sex ed but were afraid to ask.

Necessary moves

A moving survival guide for families relocating in tough times.

7 dangerous teen trends

High school alcohol and drug use is on the decline, But older kids are finding dangerous ways to push boundaries. Here are 7 of the most frightening teen trends.

Books about confidence

Seven books to teach your child about confidence