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How Can I Help My Second-Grader Work Independently?

My son does well academically, with the exception of being a bit behind in reading, but he seems to have issues with working independently. He can do the work, but constantly needs prodding to get it done. He also gets very frustrated when he doesn't...

How Do I Help My Son Get Organized?

I would like to be able to help my son with organizational skills as he has a hard time organizing (especially his desk at school). If there was some way I could help him with organizing that is fun for a kid, this would be...

How Can I Help My Son Write More Neatly?

My son is very smart. He is reading at a third-grade level and very good in all other subjects, but his penmanship is poor. He puts no effort into it. It's always very sloppy, and I know he can do better. How do I motivate...

What Can I Do to Help My Son With Math?

I would like to know what I can do to help my son to improve in math. He was suffering greatly in all subjects. But I have been working with his teachers to help him improve, and he has. He is currently attending school on...

How Can I Help My Fifth-Grader With Reading Comprehension?

My child has difficulty with reading. She had a tutor and that helped her improve her reading. However, what has not improved is her reading comprehension. What can we do to help her improve her reading comprehension?

How Can I Help My Unfocused Fifth-Grader?

My son is totally unfocused when it comes to school. When he can't figure something out on his homework right away, he gets frustrated and wants my husband or me to do the work for him. He never reads the directions and will do assignments...

How Can I Help My Son Learn the Alphabet?

My son does not seem to be able to recognize letters of the alphabet as expected. His teachers say that he is behind in class. At home if I ask him to point out a specific letter he can do it. If I show him...

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